Designer Eyeglass Frames Manufacturer

  • Y&T Eyewear has over 12 years of expertise in quality wholesale designer eyeglass frames.

  • You get an elegant collection of affordable eyeglass frames in different colors and patterns.

  • You get high-quality frames with enhanced durability, fine finish, and crack resistance features.

  • You buy eyeglass frames that have undergone quality assurance inspections

Designer Eyeglass Frames Manufacturer

Are you searching for designer eyeglass frames for men manufacturers within China? Established over 12 years ago, Y&T Eyewear is one of the leading designer eyeglass frames manufacturer in China.

Y&T Eyewear has made a name for itself for being a reputable exporter, wholesaler and supplier of superior quality designer eyeglass frames to customers across the world.

If you are looking to work with a trustworthy designer eyeglass frames wholesale manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear is ready to collaborate with you. Y&T has a wide collection of designer eyeglass frames for men, women, and kids in different colors and styles.

Y&T high quality designer frames are comfortable and well priced. Y&T updates eyeglass frames based on latest trends and customer preferences. Whether you are looking for OEM designer eyeglass frames for men manufacturers, or ready to wear collection, Y&T is the place to be.

Custom Frames Glasses In Acetae/Titanium

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers.jpg

metal Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-611

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt eyewear 1.jpg

golden Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-612

designer eyeglass frames manufacturer titanium.jpg

square Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-613

eyeglass frames manufacturers yt acetate.jpg

UV400 Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-614

eyeglass frames manufacturers acetate.jpg

Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-615

eyeglass frames manufacturer acetate.jpg

Gradient Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-616

want a sample?

Custom Frames Glasses With PC/TR Material​

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt eyewear tr.jpg

men's Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-617

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt tr.jpg

crystal Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-618

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers tr.jpg

womens Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-619

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt pc scaled.jpg

kids Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-620

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt eyewear pc.jpg

tortoise Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-621

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers pc scaled.jpg

brown Designer Eyeglass Frames DE-622

Why Choose Y&T Eyewear?

Y&T Eyewear is a trustworthy and reliable designer eyeglass frames manufacturer to thousands of customers from across the world. Choosing Y&T as your one-stop designer eyeglass frames wholesale manufacturer is beneficial because:

A variety of options for eyeglass frames material

You will have access to the best quality materials for your designer eyeglass frames including acetate, TR90, titanium, and polycarbonate.

Anti-blue light designer glasses

You can also incorporate blue light blocking glasses to your line of designer frames. Y&T Eyewear will use the best technology to not only give you a customized solution, but also produce high quality blue light lenses for computer, smartphone, and other digital users. Since blue light glasses are in high demand, you will not only boost your sales, but gain a competitive advantage.

R&D driven organization

Y&T Eyewear success can be attributed to the meticulous technical expertise in the eyewear frames industry. The R&D team can provide you with innovative designs for your frames. The team has also introduced a variety of materials and manufacturing processes. Therefore, you will not only get intelligent designs, but also excellent functionality.

Customer-focused sales team

Are you looking to work with designer eyeglass frames for men manufacturers who care about your customization needs? As a reliable designer eyeglass frames manufacturer, Y&T sales team will ensure you are happy with the services you pay for. You will get premium personalized eyeglass frames for men without paying an extra coin. All your questions will be answered promptly.

Testing facility

At Y&T Eyewear, all testing is done within the manufacturing plant. Y&T QC staff will test your eyeglass frames in accordance with international standards. Y&T endeavors to continuously improve the quality standards of our designer eyeglass frames. You will consistently get superior quality products.

Own production

As a renowned designer eyeglass frames manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear has invested greatly in its production lines. Y&T can produce a wide variety of designer eyeglass frames. The production team has undergone thorough screening. Therefore, Y&T has been able to establish a dependable, competitive and highly qualified manufacturing base that is capable of fulfilling all your eyeglass frames needs.

Our factory

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reading glasses manufacturer.jpeg
reading glasses factory.jpeg
reading glasses factory resemble department.jpeg
reading glasses factory painting department.jpeg
reading glasses factory injection department.jpeg

Best Material for Designer Eyeglass Frames

Y&T Eyewear will materialize your thoughts ideas. You can choose from:

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt eyewear acetate.jpg


As an established designer eyeglass frames manufacturer, Y&T values acetate, which is a high-end material. Acetate is easy to mold, and can be used to produce innovative designs. You will get hypoallergenic eyeglass frames with different levels of transparency and colors.

designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt eyewear titanium.jpg


Titanium is an excellent material. It is allergy-free, strong, light, and durable.  flex back to its original shape. You can get the eyeglass frames in a variety of sizes, colors and designs at competitive prices.

designer eyeglass frames manufacturer tr.jpg

TR 90

TR90 is ultra-light, flexible and long-lasting. TR does not get deformed under extreme pressure. It is the most common material for high-end eyeglass frames.

designer eyeglass frames manufacturer pc scaled.jpg


PC frames are thinner, stronger and lighter that standard plastic eyeglass frames. They do not break easily, and are great for kids and active adults.

Who are Y&T’s Dedicated Partners?

Y&T Eyewear’s esteemed customers include:
designer eyeglass frames manufacturers yt eyewear scaled.jpg

Best China Designer Eyeglass Frames Wholesale Manufacturer

Y&T Eyewear is a designer eyeglass frames manufacturer and wholesale supplier with innovative solutions for your eyeglass frames business.

Y&T does not outsource the designing and production of eyeglass frames. Rather, Y&T is an independent factory that designs and produces wholesale designer eyeglass frames in China.

Y&T is one of the leading designer eyeglass frames for men manufacturers. You can also get a wide selection of affordable designer eyeglass frames for women and kids. Choosing Y&T Eyewear will give you access to a multitude of materials, colors, styles, and rims.

To save your time and money, Y&T Eyewear gives you the convenience of having all your requirements fulfilled at our one-stop factory. Please contact Y&T Eyewear and seek our collaboration.

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