Wholesale sunglasses Supplier In China

  • Talented and aggressive research and development team

  • Great track record with previous clients

  • Wide range of sunglasses in different styles, colors, and sizes

  • High precision industry-leading technology and machining experience

  • Sampling and customization services 

Wholesale sunglasses In China

Are you looking for a wholesale sunglasses supplier? Do you want to work with a dedicated and professional wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer? If yes, look no further than Y&T Eyewear.

Y&T Eyewear is a renowned wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer. We have been serving local and international startups and leading eyewear brands for over 12 years.

We have had the opportunity to work with many repeat clients for years. We attribute our high retention rate to our ability to add value to their eyewear business. We walk with our customers from initial to final stage to ensure their unique needs are fully met.

Our team of over 150 employees has vast knowledge and experience in the eyewear industry. They are capable of providing you with unbeatable service, and high quality wholesales sunglasses at competitive prices.

Please feel free to give us a call so we can start our collaboration journey.

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Why Choose Us

Here are some reasons why you should choose Y&T Eyewear as your preferred wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer:

Wide range of on trend sunglasses

As a fully equipped wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer, we are capable of providing a wide range of eyewear sunglasses. Our collection of sunglasses features a variety of rainbow sunglasses, cycling sunglasses, party sunglasses, gold sunglasses, round sunglasses, and wood sunglasses, among others.We have whatever type of sunglasses you need to attract and retain customers, as well as increase your sales. We keep abreast of new designs and trends to ensure you get fashion forward sunglasses.

Stringent quality management system

We take pride in the work we do. We have a quality management system, which is overseen by our highly qualified quality control team. Our quality control team will monitor every production process to ensure you receive superior quality sunglasses.Whether you are looking to purchase wholesale sunglasses in large or small quantities, they will be manufactured with high quality material.We also offer sampling services for ready to order and custom sunglasses, which allow you to counter-check the quality before mass production.

Strong supply chain control ability

As an eyewear sunglasses wholesale manufacturer, we know a transparent and efficient supply chain helps to prevent stockouts. We keep track of our inventory, thus ensuring we have up-to-date information about our stock levels.Our inventory management system enables us to have access to real time inventory status of all our sunglasses. You will never lose sales because of running out of stock.

Continuous improvement in research and development

As a wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer, we are passionate about continuous improvement and innovation. Our team of 8 designers are keen on ensuring you get on trend sunglasses that have been manufactured using the latest technology. We continuously adopt new designs, colors, and shapes based on market demand.Our designers are also flexible enough. If you have an idea for your custom sunglasses, they will without a doubt accommodate your custom requests.

Customization services

At Y&T, we can customize your sunglasses to your specific requirements. Therefore, if you do not love the ready to order sunglasses, you can provide us with a sample of your preferred design.Our design team will use their extensive knowledge to customize your sunglasses based on your unique needs.

Advanced technology

As a leading wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer and supplier, we have a total of 13 robust injection molding machines. We also have 8 CNC machining centers. We will deliver to you the best quality sunglasses with rapid turnaround times.

Our factory

EYE frame


Octagon FRAME

Advantages of Y&T Eyewear Sunglasses

wholesale sunglasses China Manufacturer & Supplier

What You Need to Know About Y&T Eyewear

With over 12 years of experience in the eyewear industry, Y&T Eyewear company has built an enviable reputation through efficient and trustworthy customer service.  We have a set of 13 high precision injection molding machines, 8 CNC machining centers, and a highly experienced team. We are capable of offering you a full in-house machining service.  

As a fully equipped wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer, we are capable of fulfilling your low and high volume wholesale sunglasses requirements. Every piece of your sunglasses frames and lenses will be designed and manufactured with care and attention to detail.

Y&T Eyewear has a very thorough quality management system. Our quality control team will monitor the production process to ensure we deliver to you sunglasses with a reliable quality.

As wholesale sunglass manufacturers, we pride ourselves in timely and efficient production and delivery of sunglasses to our customers. We will provide a quick turnaround.

As renowned sunglasses wholesale suppliers, we also supply our sunglasses during international annual trade shows. We are also proud to serve clients like Disney, Daiso, and Walmart.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our sales team for more information on how we can fulfil your order. We are eager to help your business grow.

Y&T Esteemed Customers

As one of the leading wholesale sunglasses China manufacturer, we have numerous partners including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes, there is minimum order quantity of 600 PCS.

Do you offer customization services?

Yes. We offer customized solutions according to your eyewear requirements.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, and USA. For more information, please contact our sales team with your shipping destination.