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  • You will get up-to-date styles and colors for your spectacles collection

  • Thorough inspection will be conducted to ensure your custom spectacles are designed based on your unique specifications

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Spectacle Manufacturer & Supplier In China Titanium

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Spectacle Manufacturer & Supplier In China Titanium

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Sunglasses Materials

Y&T Eyewear offers you different material options including:

Spectacle Manufacturer & Supplier In China Custom -Acetate

Injection mould sunglasses

The materials include PC/ PP/ CP/ TR90/ Ultem/

Customization MOQ: 12000 pcs.

Spectacle Manufacturer & Supplier In China Custom For You-Titanium


Titanium is a suitable material for frame material. Its key features include lightness, flexibility, durability, and corrosion-resistance. If you decide to order custom-made titanium spectacles, you will access to a wide collection of colors. Titanium will give your spectacles a modern look.

Spectacle Manufacturer & Supplier In China Custom For You-TR


Spectacles made of TR material have a smooth surface. The material is light and non-bendable. TR spectacles are available in a range of colors and designs.  



PC material tends to give extra protection to the spectacle wearer. It is ideal for children spectacles and sportswear. PC material tends to flex easily without getting damaged. It is perfect for making lightweight impact resistant spectacles. The material also absorbs ultra violet radiation


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