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Custom Sunglasses Private Label- FAQ

How can I directly import private label wholesale sunglasses? We aren’t clear on the proper way to clear customs?

Y&T Eyewear has a lot of experience with exports. Just give us your destination port and leave the rest to our salespeople as well as our freight representatives and we will explain everything. We’ll express you every original document required, to include B/L, a well as the commercial invoices and packing lists. Plus we’ll assist with clearing customs successfully.

Can I use my own designon the packing?

You’ll have to do your own drawing of a design, then give us the finished product. We buy private label sunglasses manufacturers packing from package partners for cheap, as that saves you time in communications.

I have a small trial order amount, is it still possible to get private label sunglasses manufacturers as my requirement?

If you are able to pay the cost of setup and mould, we are happy to accept a trial private label sunglasses manufacturers  It’s a chance for us to get to know one other. Plus you will learn to understand everything about our business thoroughly via this partnership.

What are the countries you’ve exported to?

Our areas of export have included Europe, along with South and North America, and the Middle East, as well as in Southeast Asia, etc. We mainly deal with South and North America. We’ve got a lot of customers in the business of selling sunglasses wholesale.


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Custom Acetate Sunglasses& Eyewear From Y&T Eyewear?

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