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> As a sunglasses manufacturer with 12 years of OEM/ODM service experience.     

> Sunglasses MOQ starts at 1000pcs/style & Delivery time within 15 days from China.

>Free design for the color, printing pattern, and packing.

>Full service from order production to the export process.

Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

We are one of the high-quality sunglasses manufacturers in China, And we have advanced machinery and sunglass manufacturing equipment. We have strong product development ability, technical team, and production team. To keep up with the market trend, we will develop hundreds of new models every year. Our strong production team and technical team are the back force of our sales team.
Consequently, we know which products sell well. After years of industry accumulation, we can predict the possible problems in the orders and avoid them. We aim to become the best sunglasses manufacturer from so many top sunglass manufacturers and glasses manufacturers in China. Our mission is to make our customers better. Choose sunglasses made in China is an excellent idea for your business.

2000+ Sunglasses Types

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aviator sunglasses manufactcturer 1.jpg
Aviator sunglasses are always so classic. It’s almost a must-have item for fashion lovers. As an aviator sunglasses manufacturer, aviator sunglasses is also our indispensable
custom sunglasses manufacturers 1.jpg
Customized sunglasses contents include decoration parts, such as metalmark, laser logo, lens printing, sticker, colour, Rhinestone, rivet. As one of custom sunglasses
wholesale wood sunglasses china.gif
Provide wooden sunglasses along with glasses. The color of the wood will be very colorful. Use nylon lenses or Polaroid lenses.
kids sunglasses manufacturers 1.jpg


Customers often have higher quality requirements for children’s sunglasses. The production materials of the sunglasses we use are environmentally friendly. Children’s
polarized sunglasses manufacturers 1.jpg
We cooperate with high-quality polarized sunglasses lens manufacturers. Polarized Lens has an excellent performance in strength, colour uniformity, curvature, light
plastic sunglasses manufacturers 2.jpg
The plastic materials for sunglasses include the PC, TR, ABS, PP, CP, TPE. Injection production is an essential process. Plastic sunglasses usually are using the painting process to make
designer sunglasses manufacturers 2.jpg


We have an effective cost control system as designer sunglasses manufacturers. In this way, the operation can be very flexible. So we have a significant advantage in cost

premium sunglasses manufactuers 1.jpg
To make a pair of advanced sunglasses, and we need to make more efforts in material selection,craft,and product details. The most important thing is to confirm
safety glasses manufacturer 1.jpg
As one of safety Glasses manufacturers, we have labour protection safety glasses. These glasses can also be used as epidemic daily protection. The safety glasses can
hu wood classic polarized sunglasses men glasses driving coating black frame fishing eyewear male su 3.jpg


Clip-on sunglasses are usually used with prescription glasses. With extreme light-weight, UVA/UVB protection, reduce glare and resistant lenses. We cooperate with some high-
unique sunglasses manufacturers 1.jpg


Unique sunglasses are also trendy in the market. As one of unique sunglasses manufacturers, we develop many new sunglasses every year to keep up with the demand.
oversized sunglasses manufacturer 1.jpg


Sunglasses with large size have a big demand in the market. As one of the oversized sunglasses manufacturers, we have developed a product line to meet this market demand.
51.lets party glasses.jpg


As a  custom sunglasses manufacturer, we can do production as per your design.  Make your idea come true.
bling sunglasses manufacturer 1.jpg


Bling sunglasses always have a lovely appearance. There are all kinds of rhinestones and rivets on the glasses as decorations. Many styles of sunglasses can be selected for bling
acetate sunglasses manufacturers 1.jpg


Compared with many foreign handmade sunglasses manufacturers like European sunglasses manufacturers. We combine mechanized mass production and
sport sunglasses manufacturer 1.jpg


UV protection is vital for eye protection. Our sports glasses are UVA and UVB as sports sunglasses manufacturers; We will sourcing high-quality lens suppliers. Make our glasses reach the international

unique promotional sunglasses wholesale china.gif


Clip-on sunglasses are usually used with prescription glasses. With extreme light-weight, UVA/UVB protection, reduce glare and resistant lenses. We cooperate with some high-
prescription sunglasses.gif


As one of prescription sunglasses manufacturers, and we just produce the sunglasses frames.We have the quality lens’supplier to provide the Lens.

Sunglasses Manufacturing Process

This video introduces the acetate sunglasses manufacturing process for you. The eyewear production process is complicated, so you need a strong sunglasses manufacturer to support you importing sunglasses from china.

OEM/ODM Sunglasses Ability

img 1 1.png

CNC Machining Center



The CNC Machining Center’s work is to make the bones of the sunglasses. It is the main and basic process to make the sunglasses’ frame and temple. This process is automated, so it is very important to use advanced machinery and equipment.

Product Development Department

Sunglasses products are updated very quickly. The previous popular styles may become out of dates in an instant. Therefore, as one of the fashion sunglasses manufacturers, it is essential to keep researching and developing new styles to meet the market demand. Our 5-person team is constantly designing new styles.

custom eyewear drawing yt.jpg
img 3 1.png

Painting Department

If we compare the injection moulding semi-finished products to bones, then the oil painting production is to make the skin for sunglasses. As one of the plastic sunglasses manufacturers, we use advanced oil spray technology to ensure that the glasses become very bright and beautiful.

Resemble Department

Sunglasses assemble the last process in glasses production. This process directly determines the outward appearance of the commodity. Skilled packaging workers are the backbone of this process. Most of these works have more than two years of experience.

img 4 1.png
sunglasses manufacturing supply chain.jpg

Perfect Supply Chain

The production process of sunglasses is so complicated. No factory can complete all the production processes of glasses alone. At this time, a perfect supply chain becomes particularly important. The supply chain is the strong backing of our eyewear production. We have numerous supply factories to help us achieve our production goals. Like arts and crafts printing factories, sunglasses package manufacturers, sunglasses lens manufacturers, and so on.


All our sunglasses products can comply with the international sunglasses standard in the process of sunglasses manufacturing. 

certification 1.png
certification 2.png
certification 3.png

The Advantage You Work with Y&T Eyewear

The process of sunglasses manufacturing is very complex; We need to pay special attention to the details of sunglasses. Compare to the largest sunglass manufacturer, and We may not be so big. But we make the standard production process to assure product with high quality.

Professional customer service staff to provide services. Perfectly communicate the important factors of whether the order can be completed successfully. Our salesperson has more than ten years of experience from sunglass manufacturing companies in the eyewear industry. Because of their professionalism, they have sufficient experience in fashion trends and design in the eyewear market. We have good foresight on the probable problems in the sunglasses order. Therefore, we have strong risk control ability.

If you are not good at product design, we can provide feasible product design, packaging suggestions, and free design services.


We have a professional design team to support you. If you don’t know how to design, it doesn’t matter at all. Our designer team will tailor it to your requirements. You only need to provide us with a design concept, Logo, the colour of the desired design, and the rest works can be left to us.

The updating of glasses is fast, and the professional R & D team guarantees that our products are consistently at the forefront of fashion.

We provide 24/7 service. As long as you contact us at any time, we will make a quick reply. We will actively and quickly solve the problem for you.
advantage img 1.png

Our Global Sunglasses B2B Partner

img 2.jpg


Maybe you buy from local manufacturers. You can still be importing sunglasses from China. You can sell our products with good reason with your existing penetration. If you are not satisfied with distributing the products of many brands, and you want to create your brand value. Then you can get ODM service from the sunglasses factory in China. One day you will want to build a brand, so why not now? For you, you may have no experience to import, but you need to worry about this thing. We will handle the expert issues. It’s time to take the route of self-owned brands. You can order the inventory from us. The minimum order quantity is not high. Or if you design a good selling style, we can also do OEM for you. It is an opportunity to make you more powerful.

Sunglasses IMPORTERS

Cost control is significant for any importer if he wants to import the sunglasses from China. We can produce sunglasses in many different ways, and a small change in the production will have a great influence on price and quality. As one of the major sunglass manufacturers, we can be a consultant for your product quality and cost. Help you maximize your benefits.

img 1.jpg
img 2.jpg


We cooperate with many retail giant Supermarkets such as Walmart, Tesco, Auchan. They always have big orders and very strict price budge. We are not the biggest sunglass manufacturer, but we are professional enough.


Chain stores are also our customers. As one of wholesale sunglasses manufacturers in China, we do OEM/ODM production for our customers.

img 1.jpg
img 2.jpg


If you want to make online business sales, such as Amazon, eBay, or self-built site, we are a b2b sunglasses supplier.We can help you achieve your business goals. You don’t need to buy from designer sunglasses wholesale Distributors. You can buy them at a more affordable price as long as you can meet our MOQ. Our MOQ is very low. You can choose the style you need from our existing styles. We can also be sunglasses dropship supplier, wow, you just need to place an order while sitting in the store, you don’t have to worry about the rest thing, let us see, it is simple. Maybe you want to find a wholesale sunglasses distributor from China, no need! We can provide you directly. This way can shorten your supply chain to the maximum.


1. As one of the wholesale sunglass manufacturers, we can provide your quality product at a low cost. And they can be delivered in a fast time. You can enjoy the same price as the distributor because you can import sunglasses from China directly.

2. We can make the pallet packaging if you need to make you easy to arrange your good after you receive the goods.

3. Rich product lines are significant to you, which is our advantage at this point. We have hundreds of styles. We are not only sunglass suppliers in China, but we have other product lines such as reading glasses, myopia glasses, party sunglasses, promotional sunglasses. So you can import different styles in low QTY for each style from us.

4. For a wholesale fashion sunglasses distributor like you need a huge range of products. SKU is essential for your management. Don’t worry about it. You just place an order, and we will make it for you. We are all-in-one Chinese sunglasses eyewear supplier partner to help your business. To make you better is our job.

img 1.jpg
img 2.jpg


Yes, you probably a private brand sunglasses manufacturer and branded sunglasses suppliers. You may not have some product lines; We can fill this shortboard for you as a China sunglasses manufacturer. There are many products in the industry of glasses, and our products may be a supplement to you. We can provide ODM sunglasses manufacturing. No need to make up a new mold. You can make full use of your channels to sell and maximize your profits. It can make your brand more durable and more energetic. We can do ODM service to explore your brand-ability.

Sunglasses Material

Here is a description for all kinds of material for the sunglasses.

Plastic Sunglasses Frame

Material characteristics: Non-toxic, insulated, highly transparent, excellent stability, easy to operate, durable.Used for reading glasses, labour protection glasses, sunglasses.
180° Material characteristics: light, excellent flexibility, high-temperature resistance.
High-temperature injection moulding. The material characteristics: light, high-hardness. The material can do all kinds of colour, more luminous than PC. The colour does not fade.

Light (generally no more than 9 grams), hard, high temperature resistant, light, hard as rigid. Used in optical glasses.

Material characteristics: PP is with light-weight and can float on the water.
Used for children’s sunglasses, optics glasses, skiing glasses, diving goggles.
Acetate Frame

Material characteristics: Hypo-allergenic, high-strength and very durable, premium frame material. Colours and shapes look like new after several years. Used in optical glasses and sunglasses.

Metal Sunglasses Frame


Simple craft, low price. These materials are suitable for promotional glasses and cheap glasses.


It has good elasticity. It is heavier than copper, and the mould fee is reasonable.


It is with light-weight. It can be plated in different colours.

Titanium frame is the ace metal, which has good appearance, random shape, high density, excellent corrosion resistance, lightness and good elasticity. It has a memory effect.

Sunglasses Lens

Material characteristics: Non-toxic, insulated, highly transparent, excellent stability, easy to operate, durable, 1.4mm can pass the ball drop test.
Generally used in presbyopic glasses and cheap sunglasses. AC lens can meet the requirements of the ball drop test(>2.0mm). It has excellent functions of toughness, light-weight, great perspective, excellent fog resistance.
Material characteristics: lighter quality, regular astigmatism, bright, true, comfortable, non-glare, eliminate glare, good willfulness, impact resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and radiation protection This kind lens used for sunglasses. The regular lenses thickness is 0.75mm and 1.1mm.
Nylon Lens

Material characteristics: Very high elasticity, excellent optical quality, strong impact resistance, used for high-end protective sunglasses.

Plastic Sunglasses Manufacturing Process

We use different machines, equipment, and processes to produce plastic frames.

sunglasses manufacturing order.jpg


You can place the sunglasses order after communication.

sunglasses manufacturers drawing.jpg

Drawing(Optional Step)

R&D designer department will be drawing the layout for you.

sunglasses manufacturing 3d sample 1.gif

3D Sample Making(Optional Step)

This process is for injection plastic sunglasses. The professional sunglass sample maker will do the 3D proofing before making formal mold.

img 8.png

Sample Approval

We will send out the 3D samples to you for checking the appearance.

sunglasses manufacturing making mold.jpg

Open mould(Optional Step)

We can make injection mould as per the sketch. It often takes 15-30 days. It depends on the sunglasses mould structure. It is not a one time job; It needs several times checking and modify after test mould. It needs to be with very professional treatment such as polish, heat treatment. And do many adjust after making out the samples.

sunglasses manufacturing injection.jpg


It’s a production process of semi-finished products. We have 26 injection machines to assure the production operation. Our professional production team assures the order to be delivered smoothly.

sunglasses manufacturing polishing.jpg


sunglasses manufacturers spraying.jpg


sunglasses manufacturing bronzing.jpg


sunglasses manufacturers resemble.jpg


Metal Sunglasses Manufacturing Process

Metal glasses are produced with other equipment and processes.

1.Rim Forming

3.Stamping temple

5. Temple welding

7.Spot welding


11.Resemble Nose Pad



17.Hinge welding

2. Nose Bridge/Top Bar/ Nose Arm Welding




10.Baking varnish

12.Resemble Tip

16.Lens Resemble

18. Packing

Custom Made Sunglasses Manufacturer

Packing Process

sunglasses manufacturers wiping.png


sunglasses manufacturers put label.png

Put Label

sunglasses manufacturers packing.png


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Printed Sunglasses Do You Provide?

Most of the time, sunglasses would have a plain color with just the logo of the manufacturer or the company printed on either the frame or on one of the lenses.

It is rare to see sunglasses that has prints or any type of style/design, but it’s a product that’s to and fro sold in the market.

In fact, various sunglasses suppliers and manufacturers like us here at Y&T Eyewear offer printed sunglasses of various shapes, kinds, types, and sizes, too!

The roster of the eyewear we’re offering is versatile to the extent that we have a list of whatever type of sunglasses you need! Whether you need men’s glasses, ladies’ glasses, kids’ glasses, aviator sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses, or even optical frames, we can help you!

american flag sunglasses wholesale.jpg

Custom Fit Sunglasses

Y&T Eyewear is deemed to be one of the most prominent and most popular suppliers and manufacturers of custom fit sunglasses.

We’re able to produce the exact sizes and dimensions of promotional sunglasses whatever demographic it is supposed to go to. We’re able to produce sunglasses for kids, sunglasses for ladies, sunglasses for men, and even sports and recreational activity sunglasses.

Although the regular frame size of sunglasses fall between 56 to 64 mm, we’re able to produce a heap of sunglasses that are sized at below 55 mm – which can be for kids or for those that have small frame requirements.

To add to that, we here at Y&T Eyewear can also manufacture and produce big-sized frames for sunglasses – ideally, 64 mm and above. These, on the other hand, are for people who have a big requirement for the sunglass frames.

People think that most of the world’s most popular and most famous sunglasses brands have the production/manufacturing all for themselves. What they didn’t know is that the majority of these brands outsource production to countries where labor and manufacturing , like here in China.

And here in the country, no other manufacturer or supplier is trusted and more banked on than us here at Y&T Eyewear for sunglasses and other kinds of eyewear. We’ve molded and shaped the industry to be what it needs to be and our image in the market is seen as the best, the most trusted, and the most reliable.

Over the course of our experience in the manufacturing of promotional sunglasses, we have worked and partnered with some of the industry’s most expensive and most reliable brands from Oakley, Ray-Ban, D&G, and many more!

The quality of our work is widespread and you will get it more when you experience working with us.

What normal custom wholesale sunglasses’ function?

Whatever type of sunglasses you need and you’re looking to purchase wholesale, we are clear and certain that you’ll never regret your decision of working with us.

We have a whole lot of materials we work with in creating the promotional sunglasses you need.

  • A combination of 100% UV protection and surface strength
  • Polarized lenses and materials
  • Anti-reflective (AR) coating on the lenses
  • Lead-free hinges
  • And many more!

How to Tell Quality of Sunglasses?

Determining the quality of sunglasses is relative. Some people find stronger and more durable sunglasses to be the better quality while some consider the frame and the make of the lens.

figure 44 how to tell quality of sunglasses.jpg

Figure 44 – You can determine the overall quality of your sunglasses by checking all of its parts and components comprehensively

It will be difficult and complex to tell good sunglasses from bad sunglasses. But, we prepared a quick list of things you can try to consider when choosing or when picking sunglasses:

UV Protection Label


From what it’s called, UV protection labels are labels on your sunglasses that determine the level of protection it offers when it comes to UV or ultraviolet rays.

To give you an example, sunglasses that have a UV 400 label means that it’ll be capable of blocking wavelengths of light rays up to about 400 nanometers, this is enough to protect your eyes from glare and the exponential effects of rays to your eyes.

Check Polarization


Polarization is the process where the radiation is assumed in a much definite form. In layman’s terms, polarization on glasses have certain noticeable effects, including:

  • Enhancement and development of contrast
  • Reduction of glare and reflection
  • Improvement of comfort and clarity to the eyes
  • Dispersion of light on the lens’s surface

Lens Quality


Part, if not the most crucial factor in choosing good-quality sunglasses would be the quality of the lens. This will dictate many features of sunglasses, most of which include the clarity of the lens, the strength and durability in terms of protecting the coating, and many more!

In addition to that, the lens quality would help determine the overall longevity of the lens because it’ll be scratch and abrasion resistant. Several other factors include:

  • Weight of the sunglasses
  • Color and appearance of the frame and lens
  • Make and material of the lens
  • And others!

Workmanship and Material


The make and material of the sunglasses would also be a crucial factor in determining the quality of the sunglasses. Not all sunglasses are made from the same type and root material, therefore, knowing what it’s made of will be a significant factor in determining its quality.

Some of the most common materials used to manufacture sunglasses include polycarbonate or (PC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses and others for the lens. For the

Manufacturer of the Sunglasses

Last, and most definitely not least is to consider the manufacturer or the supplier of the promotional sunglasses you’re purchasing.

Most of these Chinese promotional sunglasses suppliers have reputations and standings in the industry. Therefore, they would not let a single business ruin it, giving you the assurance that your business will never be compromised no matter how small and how minimal your orders are.

There are tons of sunglasses wholesalers and suppliers in and around China, and most of the time,

How Do I Choose Sunglasses?

figure 45 how do i choose sunglasses.jpg

Figure 45 – You can choose from a wide variety of options in picking out your sunglasses

Choosing sunglasses for your personal interest versus your business would be very much different. As a matter of fact, there are certain factors that make them different and part of these would be knowing the manufacturer or the supplier that created the products.

You need to consider the points and factors to determine and tell the quality of the sunglasses that you want to offer and add to your arsenal for your business.

In addition to those above, it will also be helpful to check the color of the lenses, the frames, as well as its reflective properties.

Requirements in Ordering Promotional Sunglasses From China

The process of shipping and purchasing sunglasses from China is easy, so, why do some businesses think that it’s hard? – It’s because of the heap of requirements and documents needed to complete the transactions.

To help you with it, the following are the documents and requirements needed to be able to purchase and ship out sunglasses from China.

Air Waybill

This is some type of receipt that’s provided by the airlines to prove that the goods have successfully been transported and delivered. This is required and is not actually a problem since it’ll be coming from the shipping company.

Bill Of Lading (BOL)

The Bill of Lading or BOL/BL for short, is the document that gives comprehensive detail about the shipment of the goods. It’s something that provides the title of the goods and is required for the release of the shipment to the port.

Certificate of Origin (CO)

Quite obviously, the CO or the Certificate of Origin is the document that gives evidence that the goods have come been produced and manufactured from a particular country, which is China in this case. With us here at Y&T Eyewear, we can prepare this for you, so you’ll no longer have to stress or worry about it.

CITES Permit

There are products and services that are concerned to have any type of discrepancy with wildlife regulations, and that is what the CITES permit is for. For this, you don’t have to worry, because the CITES management will be the one to give you this, should the product you’re importing is on the CITES list.

Commercial Invoice

This document is a type of note that is formal and is used to denote that payment has been made and is ready for shipment or delivery. The exporter or the manufacturer will be the one to prepare and produce this and will be used to avoid any risks of fraud, counterfeits, and scams.

Import and Export Declaration

This is a document that’s required by the customs office. This is actually something that contains a list of goods that have been exported/imported. Depending on the situation, it can be prepared either by the importer or the exporter of the products, but in most cases, the exporter or the manufacturer will be the one to prepare this.

NOTE: Ask your manufacturer for those that they’re required to present and give to you because there’ll be no way for you to get it on your own. When you choose working with us here at Y&T Eyewear, we will give you everything you need – you don’t even have to ask for it!

Furthermore, these won’t be everything you need to prepare; there are region or location-based requirements and documentation that you must look into to guarantee the success of the transport of your orders from China to where your business is.

What are Category 4 sunglasses?

There are numerous methods to determine sunglasses. The majority of the moment, they are categorized and also divided. In regards to tone, the classifications vary from 0 (brightest) to 4 (darkest). To better aid you, the adhering to table goes over these various groups:

Classification of transmittance of spectacle lenses

Category 0 1 2 3 4 5
 Visible Light Absorption (ABS) 0 to 10% 10 to 20% 20 to 43% 43 to 80% 43 to 80% 80% and above
Sun Use Overcast Low Moderate Strong Very Strong Very Strong
Driving Sustainability Day and night Day (only) Day (only) Day (only) Never Never
Tint Very light Light Light Marginal Dark Very Dark

Cat. 1 includes a refined shade, from minor shade to glasses, however, it is still readily available as well as advised as sunglasses for day-to-day usage. This is a somewhat greater degree than Class 0 sunglasses and also is really ideal for everyday usage.

Cat. 2 at the omphalos or midway of the entire degree of sunglasses, kind 2 sunglasses have extra noticeable shades than kind 1 sunglasses. It can take in two times the light of course 1 glasses as well as is suitable for intense weather conditions.

Cat. 3 sunglasses lenses are thought-about to be the very best and also are the kind of group utilized by many makers. They can decrease the glow you see in day-to-day sunshine tasks, and also are extremely appropriate to avoid ultraviolet rays from permeating your lenses.

Cat. 4 As all of us understand, classification 4 sunglasses are the darkest tones you can obtain. They are really appropriate for taking in the heaviest and also highest degree of light. They are excellent for scenes where you look straight at the sunlight as well as draw away the sunlight from your vision.

Cat. 5 when you begin with group 1 as opposed to group 0, it is typically the like the group 4 lens. A lot of professionals think that these lenses can take in up to 92% of the noticeable sunshine, instead of simply 80%. It is thought about prohibited to utilize it without sunshine, and also it might really create a mishap due to the fact that it will certainly harm your vision.


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