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> As a sunglasses manufacturer with 12 years of OEM/ODM service experience.

> Sunglasses MOQ starts at 1000pcs/style & Delivery time within 15 days from China.

>Free design for the color, printing pattern, and packing.

>Full service from order production to the export process.

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Sunglasses Manufacturers In China

We are one of the high-quality sunglasses manufacturers in China, And we have advanced machinery and sunglass manufacturing equipment. We have strong product development ability, technical team, and production team. To keep up with the market trend, we will develop hundreds of new models every year. Our strong production team and technical team are the back force of our sales team.

Consequently, we know which products sell well. After years of industry accumulation, we can predict the possible problems in the orders and avoid them. We aim to become the best sunglasses manufacturer from so many top sunglass manufacturers and glasses manufacturers in China. Our mission is to make our customers better. Choose sunglasses made in China is an excellent idea for your business.

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2000+ Sunglasses Types

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aviator sunglasses manufactcturer

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are always so classic. It’s almost a must-have item for fashion lovers. As an aviator sunglasses manufacturer, aviator sunglasses is also our indispensable product line.

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custom sunglasses Manufacturers

Custom Sunglasses

Customized sunglasses contents include decoration parts, such as metalmark, laser logo, lens printing, sticker, colour, Rhinestone, rivet. As one of custom sunglasses manufacturers, we can provide you with feasible sunglasses customized suggestions.

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kids sunglasses Manufacturers

Kids Sunglasses

Customers often have higher quality requirements for children’s sunglasses. The production materials of the sunglasses we use are environmentally friendly. Children’s glasses are usually beautiful in colour and printing. As one of the kids’ sunglasses manufacturers, we can guarantee the quality and do custom sunglasses manufacturing.And we will consider the customer user’s experience. The sunglasses do not slip or bounce on a kid's face.

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kids sunglasses Manufacturers

Kids Sunglasses

Customers often have higher quality requirements for children's sunglasses. The production materials of the sunglasses we use are environmentally friendly. Children's glasses are usually beautiful in colour and printing.As one of the kids'sunglasses manufacturers, we can guarantee the quality and do custom sunglasses manufacturing. And we will consider the customer user’s experience. The sunglasses do not slip or bounce on a kid's face.

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polarized Sunglasses Manufacturers

Polarized Sunglasses

We cooperate with high-quality polarized sunglasses lens manufacturers. Polarized Lens has an excellent performance in strength, colour uniformity, curvature, light transmittance, radiation resistance, and reflectivity. The product test standard is EN12312-1. Polarized sunglasses are widely used in fishing, driving, labour protection.

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plastic sunglasses Manufacturers

Plastic Sunglasses

The plastic materials for sunglasses include the PC, TR, ABS, PP, CP, TPE. Injection production is an essential process. Plastic sunglasses usually are using the painting process to make the outlook beautiful.

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designer sunglasses Manufacturers

Designer Sunglasses

We have an effective cost control system as designer sunglasses manufacturers. In this way, the operation can be very flexible. So we have a significant advantage in cost for cheap designer glasses in China. We not only have high-quality designer sunglasses but also have more economical styles. We are one of reliable designer sunglasses suppliers.

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premium sunglasses manufactuers

Premium Sunglasses

To make a pair of advanced sunglasses, and we need to make more efforts in material selection,craft,and product details. The most important thing is to confirm your quality goal in advance. We will make it according to your goal. Most of your requirements can be met because we are one of the professional premium sunglasses manufacturers. And we have a professional production process to assure the quality.

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safety glasses manufacturer

Safety Glasses

As one of safety Glasses manufacturers, we have labour protection safety glasses. These glasses can also be used as epidemic daily protection. The safety glasses can isolate effectively of saliva and germs.

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Clip-on Sunglasses Manufacturers

Clip-on Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses are usually used with prescription glasses. With extreme light-weight, UVA/UVB protection, reduce glare and resistant lenses. We cooperate with some high-quality clip-on sunglasses lens manufacturers. They provide high-quality Lens.

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unique Sunglasses Manufacturers

Unique Sunglasses

Unique sunglasses are also trendy in the market. As one of unique sunglasses manufacturers, we develop many new sunglasses every year to keep up with the demand.

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oversized sunglasses manufacturer

Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses with large size have a big demand in the market. As one of the oversized sunglasses manufacturers, we have developed a product line to meet this market demand.

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Prescription Sunglasses

As one of prescription sunglasses manufacturers, and we just produce the sunglasses frames. We have the quality lens’ supplier to provide the Lens.

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bling sunglasses manufacturer

Bling Sunglasses

Bling sunglasses always have a lovely appearance. There are all kinds of rhinestones and rivets on the glasses as decorations. Many styles of sunglasses can be selected for bling sunglasses wholesale suppliers.

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acetate sunglasses Manufacturers

Acetate Sunglasses

Compared with many foreign handmade sunglasses manufacturers like European sunglasses manufacturers. We combine mechanized mass production and handmade process to produce acetate sunglasses. As a Chinese acetate sunglasses manufacturer. We use high-quality raw hypoallergenic materials. The excellent craft to make the wearer will have a very comfortable user’s experience. Our production strategy advantage can significantly improve the efficiency of production and delivery. It can considerably reduce the production cost. It will enhance your market competitiveness.

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sport sunglasses manufacturer

Sports Sunglasses

UV protection is vital for eye protection. Our sports glasses are UVA and UVB as sports sunglasses manufacturers; We will sourcing high-quality lens suppliers. Make our glasses reach the international standard of sports glasses. Give customers the ultimate user experience.

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Prescription Sunglasses Manufacturer

Prescription Sunglasses

As one of prescription sunglasses manufacturers, and we just produce the sunglasses frames.We have the quality lens'supplier to provide the Lens.

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Sunglasses Production Process

OEM/ODM Sunglasses Ability

sunglasses manufacturers CNC department

CNC Machining Center

The CNC Machining Center’s work is to make the bones of the sunglasses. It is the main and basic process to make the sunglasses’ frame and temple. This process is automated, so it is very important to use advanced machinery and equipment.

sunglasses manufacturer -R&D

Product Development Department

Sunglasses products are updated very quickly. The previous popular styles may become out of dates in an instant. Therefore, as one of the fashion sunglasses manufacturers, it is essential to keep researching and developing new styles to meet the market demand. Our 5-person team is constantly designing new styles.

Painting Department

If we compare the injection moulding semi-finished products to bones, then the oil painting production is to make the skin for sunglasses. As one of the plastic sunglasses manufacturers, we use advanced oil spray technology to ensure that the glasses become very bright and beautiful.

sunglasses manufacturers resemble

Resemble Department

Sunglasses assemble the last process in glasses production. This process directly determines the outward appearance of the commodity. Skilled packaging workers are the backbone of this process. Most of these works have more than two years of experience.

sunglasses manufacturers Supply Chain

Perfect Supply Chain

The production process of glasses is so complicated. No factory can complete all the production processes of glasses alone. At this time, a perfect supply chain becomes particularly important. The supply chain is the strong backing of our eyewear production. We have numerous supply factories to help us achieve our production goals. Like arts and crafts printing factories, sunglasses package manufacturers, sunglasses lens manufacturers, and so on.


Our Advantage

The process of sunglasses manufacturing is very complex; We need to pay special attention to the details of sunglasses. Compare to the largest sunglass manufacturer, and We may not be so big. But we make the standard production process to assure product with high quality.
Professional customer service staff to provide services. Perfectly communicate the important factors of whether the order can be completed successfully. Our salesperson has more than ten years of experience from sunglass manufacturing companies in the eyewear industry. Because of their professionalism, they have sufficient experience in fashion trends and design in the eyewear market. We have good foresight on the probable problems in the sunglasses order. Therefore, we have strong risk control ability.
If you are not good at product design, we can provide feasible product design, packaging suggestions, and free design services.

We have a professional design team to support you. If you don’t know how to design, it doesn’t matter at all. Our designer team will tailor it to your requirements. You only need to provide us with a design concept, Logo, the colour of the desired design, and the rest works can be left to us.

The updating of glasses is fast, and the professional R & D team guarantees that our products are consistently at the forefront of fashion.

We provide 24/7 service. As long as you contact us at any time, we will make a quick reply. We will actively and quickly solve the problem for you.

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Our Global Partner


Maybe you buy from local manufacturers. You can still be importing sunglasses from China. You can sell our products with good reason with your existing penetration. If you are not satisfied with distributing the products of many brands, and you want to create your brand value. Then you can get ODM service from the sunglasses factory in China. One day you will want to build a brand, so why not now? For you, you may have no experience to import, but you need to worry about this thing. We will handle the expert issues. It’s time to take the route of self-owned brands. You can order the inventory from us. The minimum order quantity is not high. Or if you design a good selling style, we can also do OEM for you. It is an opportunity to make you more powerful.


Cost control is significant for any importer if he wants to import the sunglasses from China. We can produce sunglasses in many different ways, and a small change in the production will have a great influence on price and quality. As one of the major sunglass manufacturers, we can be a consultant for your product quality and cost. Help you maximize your benefits.


We cooperate with many retail giant Supermarkets such as Walmart, Tesco, Auchan. They always have big orders and very strict price budge. We are not the biggest sunglass manufacturer, but we are professional enough.


Chain stores are also our customers. As one of wholesale sunglasses manufacturers in China, we do OEM/ODM production for our customers.

Online Sales

If you want to make online business sales, such as Amazon, eBay, or self-built site, we are a b2b sunglasses supplier.We can help you achieve your business goals. You don’t need to buy from designer sunglasses wholesale Distributors. You can buy them at a more affordable price as long as you can meet our MOQ. Our MOQ is very low. You can choose the style you need from our existing styles. We can also be sunglasses dropship supplier, wow, you just need to place an order while sitting in the store, you don’t have to worry about the rest thing, let us see, it is simple. Maybe you want to find a wholesale sunglasses distributor from China, no need! We can provide you directly. This way can shorten your supply chain to the maximum.

Wholesaler/Wholesaler distributor

1. As one of the wholesale sunglass manufacturers, we can provide your quality product at a low cost. And they can be delivered in a fast time. You can enjoy the same price as the distributor because you can import sunglasses from China directly.

2. We can make the pallet packaging if you need to make you easy to arrange your good after you receive the goods.

3. Rich product lines are significant to you, which is our advantage at this point. We have hundreds of styles. We are not only sunglass suppliers in China, but we have other product lines such as reading glasses, myopia glasses, party sunglasses, promotional sunglasses. So you can import different styles in low QTY for each style from us.

4. For a wholesale fashion sunglasses distributor like you need a huge range of products. SKU is essential for your management. Don’t worry about it. You just place an order, and we will make it for you. We are all-in-one Chinese sunglasses eyewear supplier partner to help your business. To make you better is our job.

Brand manufacturer/Brand Owner

Yes, you probably a private brand sunglasses manufacturer and branded sunglasses suppliers. You may not have some product lines; We can fill this shortboard for you as a China sunglasses manufacturer. There are many products in the industry of glasses, and our products may be a supplement to you. We can provide ODM sunglasses manufacturing. No need to make up a new mold. You can make full use of your channels to sell and maximize your profits. It can make your brand more durable and more energetic. We can do ODM service to explore your brand-ability.


Here is a description for all kinds of material for the sunglasses.

Plastic Frame

Material characteristics: Non-toxic, insulated, highly transparent, excellent stability, easy to operate, durable.Used for reading glasses, labour protection glasses, sunglasses.

180° Material characteristics: light, excellent flexibility, high-temperature resistance.

High-temperature injection moulding. The material characteristics: light, high-hardness. The material can do all kinds of colour, more luminous than PC. The colour does not fade.

Light (generally no more than 9 grams), hard, high temperature resistant, light, hard as rigid. Used in optical glasses.

Material characteristics: PP is with light-weight and can float on the water.

Used for children’s sunglasses, optics glasses, skiing glasses, diving goggles.

Material characteristics: Hypo-allergenic, high-strength and very durable, premium frame material. Colours and shapes look like new after several years. Used in optical glasses and sunglasses.

Metal Frame

Simple craft, low price. These materials are suitable for promotional glasses and cheap glasses.

It has good elasticity. It is heavier than copper, and the mould fee is reasonable.

It is with light-weight. It can be plated in different colours.

Titanium frame is the ace metal, which has good appearance, random shape, high density, excellent corrosion resistance, lightness and good elasticity. It has a memory effect.

Lens Frame

Material characteristics: Non-toxic, insulated, highly transparent, excellent stability, easy to operate, durable, 1.4mm can pass the ball drop test.

Generally used in presbyopic glasses and cheap sunglasses. AC lens can meet the requirements of the ball drop test(>2.0mm). It has excellent functions of toughness, light-weight, great perspective, excellent fog resistance.

Material characteristics: lighter quality, regular astigmatism, bright, true, comfortable, non-glare, eliminate glare, good willfulness, impact resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and radiation protection This kind lens used for sunglasses. The regular lenses thickness is 0.75mm and 1.1mm.

Material characteristics: Very high elasticity, excellent optical quality, strong impact resistance, used for high-end protective sunglasses.

Plastic Sunglasses Production Process

We use different machines, equipment, and processes to produce plastic frames.



You can place the sunglasses order after communication.


Drawing(Optional Step)

R&D designer department will be drawing the layout for you.

3D Sample Making(Optional Step)

This process is for injection plastic sunglasses. The professional sunglass sample maker will do the 3D proofing before making formal mold.

Sample Approval

We will send out the 3D samples to you for checking the appearance.

sunglasses-manufacturing-making mold

Open mould(Optional Step)

We can make injection mould as per the sketch. It often takes 15-30 days. It depends on the sunglasses mould structure. It is not a one time job; It needs several times checking and modify after test mould. It needs to be with very professional treatment such as polish, heat treatment. And do many adjust after making out the samples.



It’s a production process of semi-finished products. We have 26 injection machines to assure the production operation. Our professional production team assures the order to be delivered smoothly.





sunglasses manufacturing Bronzing




Metal Sunglasses Production Process

 Metal glasses are produced with other equipment and processes.


Rim forming


Nose Bridge/Top bar /Nose arm welding


Stamping temple




Temple welding




Spot welding






Baking varnish


Resemble Nose Pad


Resemble Tip








Lens Resemble


Hinge welding



Packing Process

sunglasses manufacturers wiping


sunglasses manufacturers put label

Put Label

sunglasses manufacturers packing


Custom Made Sunglasses Manufacturer

Authorized customer’s order is one of our business; Their requirement(colour, printing, packaging, design) are often very complex. Sometimes we even have to make sunglasses mould for them. We do OEM sunglasses manufacturing and ODM sunglasses manufacturing. Some famous cartoon characters company are our customer.

It’s a significant thing to realize the sales of sunglasses with private label. It’s effortless for us to help you recognize this strategy as one of private label sunglasses manufacturers. You just need to provide your idea, and we will help you realize it.

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