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Inventory sunglasses little-known \”secret.\”

Summer is hot, sunglasses become a must-have for modern mass travel and outdoor activities (dressing a cool concave shape). This accessory, which has the most significant proportion on the face, erects a \”shield\” that protects the eyes from UV damage.

You don\’t want to use the role of sunglasses. In addition to effectively filtering the ultraviolet rays in the sun, sunglasses also have the effect of delaying aging .

This is because in the windy weather or strong light, people will unconsciously squint their eyes, and the skin around the eyes is extremely fragile, and it is easy to climb wrinkles. Wearing sunglasses can protect the skin around the eyes from sunburn and prevent melanin.


Deadly light and its harm

Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, infrared rays and visible light. Let\’s take a look at the hazards of these lights.

Ultraviolet rays – can cause different degrees of damage to the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, lens, vitreous, retina, causing eyelid skin cancer, pterygium, cataract, macular degeneration, and so on.

Infrared – Infrared is a kind of heat radiation. Different wavelengths of infrared light can cause different damage to the eyes. Intense infrared rays can cause skin damage.

High-energy visible light, primarily blue light, passes through the cornea and lens and contacts the retina, causing incalculable damage to the eye.

Most of the outdoor work is mainly male. Therefore, the incidence of pterygium is higher in men than in women.

Middle-aged and older people should pay more attention to eye health. Long-term blue light exposure can cause degeneration of the macular area, causing permanent damage to vision.


Common misunderstandings and minefields

The choice of sunglasses is not as simple as we think, and there are many doorways. Wearing inappropriate sunglasses cannot only resist ultraviolet rays but also cause eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. Let\’s take a look at what are the pitfalls and minefields:

Myth 1: The dark colour sunglasses are more effective in blocking UV rays.

The depth of the lens colour will only affect the visible light received by the human eye, but the ultraviolet light is invisible, so there is no necessary connection with the amount of transmission.

Some transparent lenses can block UV rays due to material properties and special processes, while some dark, inferior sunglasses can\’t block UV rays.

Myth 2: Polarized sunglasses are better than regular sunglasses

Polarizers are a type of sunglasses that reduce reflections. Wear it while driving, fishing, skiing, water skiing, and cycling to improve visibility.

For patients after cataract surgery and for those who are sensitive to light, choosing polarized sunglasses can also improve visual comfort

Comparison of polarizer and ordinary sunglasses

[Tips] It is safer to wear a polarizer in summer rainstorms and the vision is clearer.

However, polarizers also have limitations: wearing polarized glasses may not see LCD screens such as LED displays, GPS and cell phone screens. Therefore, polarized sunglasses cannot be used for pilots, crew, etc.

Myth 3: Older people are better not to wear sunglasses

Older people may stay outdoors for more extended periods during the day and receive more exposure to ultraviolet light. Sunglasses can prevent UV (ultraviolet) 400 or fewer bands, and have a specific effect on the prevention of cataracts or the inhibition of cataract development in the elderly. Older people choose sunglasses as much as possible, choose brown, grey.

Minefield: (The following is the wrong approach)

Children under 3  years old wear sunglasses. This period is a sensitive period of vision development of the baby. It is necessary to continuously receive stimulation and contact with clear images to stimulate visual development better. If you wear sunglasses frequently, it may affect the adjustment of visual function, resulting in visual problems such as weakness.

Wear dark sunglasses while driving. Dark sunglasses easily filter out bright objects, affecting the judgment of the size of the front room and the distance between the cars. In an emergency, the optic nerve is also delayed in image analysis, resulting in slow response and significantly increasing the likelihood of a hazard.

Some older adults with shallow anterior chamber structures and at risk of developing angle-closure glaucoma wear sunglasses. Therefore, ophthalmologists remind that patients with eye diseases such as glaucoma and night blindness should not wear sunglasses.


Sunglasses selection strategy

There are a variety of sunglasses on the market; the price is different, the colour is a lot, this is how the baby starts?

The essential functions of sunglasses should meet the following requirements: reduce glare stimulation, UV protection, clear and non-deformation, no distortion of colour recognition, and accurate identification of traffic signals.

–I am teaching you to choose the correct dividing line for sunglasses–

Different optical effects will have different protection effects. Everyone needs to choose according to the different scenarios and actual needs. Below are three lens introductions for various protection features:

1 dyed lens

2 polarized lenses

  1. By utilising the directionality of light vibration and propagation, the dazzling glare caused by various factors can be filtered out, thus blocking ultraviolet rays and improving visual quality. The surrounding scenery looks bright but not dazzling.
  2. The lenses are incredibly light, thin and impact resistant. They are very suitable for driving and outdoor activities.

3 photosensitive lenses

Because of the addition of silver halide chemicals, when exposed to intense light, colourless glasses will become coloured to protect the eyes from the environment of no light, but also slowly from coloured to colourless lenses, adapt to the environment, suitable for indoor and outdoor use at the same time.

After reading this, have you learned how to choose a pair of sunglasses for yourself and your family? Also, the purchase of sunglasses, it is best to meet the health, optical requirements and licensed hospital or professional glasses

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