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FAQ- Custom Printed Sunglasses


Sunglasses With Custom Logo Printed On Lens

Following the custom sunglasses with logo that we discussed above, we mentioned that you have the option to purchased sunglasses with custom logo printed on the lens instead of the frame.

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An example of sunglasses that have logos printed on the lens

That being said, you can actually have the manufacturer you’re eyeing on to produce sunglasses with custom logo printed on the lens here with us at Y&T  Eyewear!

We’re equipped with some of China’s most talented and skilled experts in the field of eyewear and sunglasses production and manufacturing. You will never have any trouble or problems choosing us as your promotional sunglasses supplier!

How Do You Put Your Logo on Sunglasses?

The process of printing or in putting the logo or the brand of your company on your sunglasses differ from one manufacturer to another.

figure 5 how do you put your logo on sunglasses.jpg

                       You can print and put the logo of your brand on the lens of sunglasses

Why? – Because in this, you also have to consider where the design will be printed – if you want it to be printed on the frame or if you want it to be printed on the lens.

To help you with it, we’ll be giving you information on how companies do both:

Printing Logo on the Frame of Sunglasses

figure 6 printing logo on the frame of sunglasse.png

 Printed logo on the frame of sunglasses

There are quite a few ways on how companies and businesses print design, logo, and style on plastic. Among the most common processes and methods include:

  • Laser Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Ink Jet Printing
  • Pad Printing

NOTE: These are only the most common and most used processes businesses and companies use to print on plastic. There are far more than just these.

Printing Logo on the Lens of Sunglasses

On the other end of the table, the process of printing logo, style, and design on the lens of sunglasses or any other type of eyewear is done through 3D printing.

3D printing involves heat and this is the primary factor on how the prints, logos, and designs on lenses are made and done.

Sunglasses With Company Logo

More often than not, companies and businesses offering sunglasses as part of their products would have their logos printed either on the frames or lenses of their products.

figure 15 sunglasses with company logo.jpg

Figure 15 – Samples of company sunglasses with the logo printed on the frame

That being said, it is often a requirement by these companies to print their logos into the product whether on the frames or on the lenses. This is to help consumers identify the branding or the particular company that produced the sunglasses.

For more than 12 years now, we here at Y&T have been continuously producing and manufacturing promotional sunglasses for a wide array of applications. We are skilled and adept styling the sunglasses by printing it either on the frames or the lenses of the products.

Over the course of our experience in being the top and best company, we’ve worked and partnered with some of the industry’s most famous and most known fashion and eyewear businesses. From all around the globe, we supply and produce sunglasses with the company’s logo widely.

Where are promotional printed sunglasses used?

They can be used as giveaways, sporting events, marketing events, and anywhere else one may want to handout a unique pair of printed sunglasses.

What types of events are custom printed sunglasses worn?

They can be worn to events such as birthdays, weddings, parties or any other event where one wants to give out sunglasses with their unique branding or printing.

What sort of quality can I expect?

At Y&T Eyewear, we will provide you with high quality sunglasses. If you would like to confirm, please feel free to order a sample pair of sunglasses.

Do you ship to Europe?

Yes, we ship to Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia, among other regions. Please feel free to call us for more information.

How Can I Order Custom Sunglasses?

The process of ordering custom sunglasses does not actually fall far from how you order regular or usual promotional sunglasses. The difference in the processes would be in terms of the initial or the beginning procedure.

Instead of ordering the regular or usual sunglasses by selecting from the list of available options, you can get and order custom sunglasses by sending the manufacturer or the supplier the draft or sketch of the product you’re looking for.

Typically, the process goes on like this:

  1. You’ll send the manufacturer/supplier the sketch or the draft of your product.
  2. They’ll verify and confirm if what you sent was doable by asking their R&D team.
  3. You can get and request for a sample product for you to check the accuracy and consistency.
  4. Once final, they’ll be creating the custom sunglasses all according to your needs.

Skipping all unnecessary steps, you can definitely place your full and complete trust in us here at Y&T Eyewear if you ever find yourself needing custom sunglasses!

Get a Free Quote Now!

Wherever you are in the world and whatever business you may be in, you will never have any trouble or problem working with us here at Y&T Eyewear!

Name a product, a color, and a specific shape of promotional sunglasses and we will help you! Whatever type of custom logo sunglass you need, you can place your full trust in us! You won’t find any regret of choosing us as your promotional sunglasses supplier!

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