FAQ-Custom Prescription Glasses

Does Y&T Eyewear offer shipping services?

Yes. The sales team and freight forwarders will ensure you receive your goods in your preferred destination. If you have any questions about how to order for prescription glasses, please contact Y&T Eyewear.

Do you offer custom-made prescription glasses?

Yes. As your preferred prescription glasses china factory, Y&T will provide you with high quality custom-made prescription glasses based on your specifications.  Customizations can be done for shape, color, logo, and pattern.

Is it possible to get a lower minimum order quantity?

Yes. Y&T Eyewear offers low MOQs. However, the production process for both small and large orders does not change. If you are comfortable with the mold and operation costs, you will be able to order in small quantities.

Do you ship internationally?

Y&T Eyeware ships worldwide. However, our major markets are Southeast Asia, USA, and Europe.

I have noticed most companies ship their eyewear from China. Why is that?

That is true. China factories have competitive wholesale prices for prescription glasses. Y&T Eyewear has an effective supply chain management  that ensures all materials are available at all times.

Consequently, your prescription glasses will be profitable because you will not be required to source materials from alternative sources. You will get high quality prescription glasses if you work with Y&T Eyewear.  

If you are looking for a wholesale optical glass manufacturer with customer-focused services, Y&T Eyewear is the best place to be.


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