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Custom Rimless Glasses- FAQ

Why are rimless glasses more affordable than framed glasses?

Rimless glasses are cheaper because they do not need frames or hinges

What styles of rimless glasses are available?

Rimless glasses never get boring. They are available in square, round, oval, rectangle and star shapes.

Where are your rimless glasses designed and manufactured?

Y&T Eyewear is a well-equipped rimless glasses manufacturer. All our glasses are  manufactured in house in our fully equipped facility. We have all the materials and equipment under one roof.

Will my custom rimless glasses look exactly like my original design or sample?

Yes. Our design team is capable of delivering the exact same rimless glasses as per your design.

Do you offer bulk orders for custom made rimless glasses?

Yes. Please let us know your order so we can deliver.

Does Y&T Eyewear ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to United States, Europe and Southeast Asia


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Custom Acetate Sunglasses& Eyewear From Y&T Eyewear?

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