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Custom Optical Glass- FAQ

How do I ship optical glasses from your company?

Y&T Eyewear has a dedicated sales and freight forwarding team who can give you all the information you need regarding your shipment.

Does Y&T Eyewear support customization options?

As an optical glass manufacturer, Y&T offers custom made optical glasses in different colors, sizes, and patterns. Customized logo branding is also available.

Does Y&T Eyewear offer? customization options for small MOQs?

Yes. Y&T Eyewear can produce for you small quantities of custom made optical glasses. However, this is dependent on whether you are willing to accept the operation and mold costs, which are similar to those of bulky orders.

Does Y&T Eyewear ship internationally?

As a leading and trusted optical glass manufacturer, Y&T ships optical glasses to various destinations across the globe including USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Why is China considered the world’s production hub of optical glasses?

China not only has a high demand for optical glasses, but also a highly specialized and experienced work force. Consequently, China factories have the capacity to produce superior quality wholesale optical glasses at market friendly prices.

If you are looking for a wholesale optical glass manufacturer with customer-focused services, Y&T Eyewear is the best place to be.

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