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Custom Eyeglasses- FAQ

The market will never be insufficient if you’re trying to look for a reliable and a trustworthy glasses factory. Whether you need regular spectacles or glasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses, even reading glasses – you’ll find tons of suppliers and manufacturers.

What most people fail to realize is the fact that not all these glasses factories carry out the same processes. This gives the distinctions between what you should look for in these companies and businesses.

So, in this guide, we’ll be walking you through the steps in identifying the traits and characteristics you need to consider in choosing the glasses factory or manufacturer to work with!


Where Are Glasses Manufactured?

Regular eyeglasses, prescription glasses, sunglasses, spectacles, and all other kinds of eyewear are produced and manufactured in various parts of the world.

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Figure 1 – A custom glass being worked on in a factory

As a matter of fact, this will differ from one business to another on what their choice will be. But, did you know that about 95% of all eyeglasses and eyeglass frames in the U.S. were made in China? Thanks to the inexpensive labor accompanied by supreme quality, businesses and enterprises from all around the world trust us.

This does not mean, though, that all glasses are made here; only the majority of products that circumnavigate the world is manufactured in the country.

Are Glasses Made in a Factory?

Yes, glasses are made in a factory from 0 to 100%, including all the parts and components of it.

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Figure 2 – Factory-made eyewear/eyeglasses using a machine

The process or method of how it’s done will depend on the supplier/manufacturer, but the structure of it will usually be constant.

To help you understand it a bit more, here’s an overview of how glasses are manufactured and produced.

How Are Glasses Manufactured?

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Figure 3 – Mold of the sunglasses that would shape the unit

The process of manufacturing and producing eyeglasses would usually be distinctive across manufacturers and suppliers. But, here’s a quick summary of how the process is done:

Step 1: Cutting of the Lens  

The production of the glasses usually begin with the specification of the glass product for the lenses. This is usually done using machines to ensure that the quality of the cuts are going to be precise and accurate.

Step 2: Machining of the Lens (Plastic, SR-91, or Optical Glass)  

After that, the lenses would go through a series of machining processes for them to be cured, cultured, and initially polished. The machining procedure is actually what begins the concluding procedures for the lenses of the eyeglasses.

Step 3: Shaping of the Lens

Then, they’re sent to equipment or machines that would shape and carve the glass, giving it depth and specification.

NOTE: The shaping process will differ depending on the material that’s used.

Step 4: Counter Boring

Now, in this step, most manufacturers would need the assistance and the help of machines because this process would create the recesses or holes on the front of the lens.

But, here with us at Y&T Eyewear, we do it with extreme precision and accuracy, and that’s why we bore these by hand!

Step 5: Curving

This next layer or process of curving is done to the glass unit (lens)  in order to prepare it for its attachment on the frame of the unit.

Usually, this process would involve the lenses to be subjected to class rollers for a better and more accurate shape.

Step 6: Further Polishing

We forgot to mention the fact that in between these steps, minor polishing and quality inspections are done. In this step, though, everything will be checked from start to finish – from the way the lenses were cut, how they were machined, if there are inconsistencies, and so on.

Step 7: Assembly of the Unit

The last and concluding step would be the assembly and the finalization of the eyeglasses. This will include:

  • The insertion of the lenses to the frame
  • Printing of the company logo to the frame or the lens

Eyeglass Factory Outlet

You will never experience a shortage of eyeglass factory outlets, especially if you’re trying to find one here in China.

eyeglass factory outlet.webp

Figure 4 – A factory or retail outlet of sunglasses and other types of eyewear

From the hustle and bustle of Shanghai City, to the depths of the provinces of Guangzhou, there would definitely be factory outlets!

Now, most of these factory outlets would be in partnerships with custom glass factories and manufacturing companies like us here at Y&T Eyewear. We help them, they help us – so, don’t be confused if you choose purchasing from XXX company and you see that the unit has been manufactured by us.

Glasses Factory Near Me

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Figure 5 – An exhibit where glasses factories gather

Now, wherever you are in the world, if you’re looking for custom glass factory manufacturers, you will absolutely find one near you.

In fact, you’ll encounter businesses and companies that are entirely different from one another – there are those that can help you produce excellent-quality sunglasses, those that offer promotional glasses, reading glasses, subscription glasses, and many more!

Why Y&T Eyewear is the Best Glasses Manufacturer in the Market?

We at Y&T Eyewear has been China’s top-selling and most reliable custom glass factory supplier for more than 10 years already. You’ll absolutely be able to get the exact type of products and orders you’re looking for.

From the usual aviator sunglasses for men and ladies’, typical prescription glasses and eyewear – to toddler and children’s glasses, we got you!

Y&T Eyewear has been the face of custom glass factories by businesses all around the globe! We’ve been in the shade for a few times because we originally offered sunglasses. But, after years of research and experience, we were able to adjust!

Benefits of Choosing Y&T Eyewear’s Products

Choosing us here at Y&T Eyewear as your glasses factory supplier can open a lot of benefits and advantages. Some of the most common include, but are not limited to:

  • Fast and timely delivery of products
  • Higher profitability from discounted rates and prices
  • Excellent-quality production – from acetate quality to frame placement and assembly

Reach out to us to get a free estimate of the products you need! You will never regret your choice of choosing us here at Yanyu Commercial!

How do I submit a sample or design to begin the process?

You can submit your sample or design through our sales team. You can also email Y&T Eyewear. We will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Y&T Eyewear does not have a minimum order quantity. We can produce glasses based on your requirements. However, price will depend on several factors including mold costs and operation costs.

What type of glasses do you manufacture?

We manufacture custom made and private label eyewear glasses. Our collection includes prescription glasses, reading glasses, digital glasses, and sunglasses.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

Absolutely! We offer worldwide shipping, but the cost of shipping is not part of the custom made or wholesale eyeglasses price. Please contact our sales team to get a shipping quote.

What brands do you manufacture for?

Over the last 12 years, Y&T Eyewear has manufactured for various prominent brands from across the globe including Walmart, Daiso, and Disney.

Where will my glasses be made?

All your glasses will be manufactured at our factory. We have all the machines and components we need to make your glasses idea a reality.


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