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Are you wearing a polarizer sunglasses or normal sunglasses?

Wearing sunglasses is not only to block the sun but to become a fashion lady has already used sunglasses as a must-have item like a necklace and earrings to modify their looks; Men use sunglasses as a highlight of their masculine charm. And in recent years, more and more people talk about sunglasses and mention polarizers. What is the relationship between sunglasses and polarizers? What is the difference?

The difference between polarizers and sunglasses

To understand the difference between polarizers and sunglasses, you must know some knowledge of polarizers and sunglasses. Polarizers are also considered to belong to the category of sunglasses, but polarizers are a relatively high-end type of sunglasses. Polarizers have the effect that ordinary sunglasses do not have. This function can effectively block and filter out different polarized lights that are harmful to the eyes.

The so-called polarized light is the irregular reflected light generated by the light passing through the uneven road surface, water surface, etc., also called glare. When these light rays directly illuminate the human eye, the eyes will be discomforted, fatigued, and not long-lasting, and the clarity of the object viewed is insufficient.

Polarized sunglasses and polarizers use the linear molecular arrangement inside the lens to filter and eliminate various glare that damages the eye, that is, the polarizer passes through the linear molecular array in its glass, for those irregularities. The reflected light is re-combed, and the light that is put into the eye is clearer and more natural.

So where is the difference between polarizers and sunglasses? Firstly, polarizers and general sunglasses have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays and reducing the intensity of light. However, generally, sunglasses do not have the function of separating or converting polarized light. In other words: polarizers are high-grade sunglasses. This is the difference between polarizers and sunglasses, so the price of sunglasses is generally relatively lower than polarized sunglasses.

The primary purpose of the polarizer

The main use of the polarizer is to protect the eyes from damage under certain conditions. However, for those who are generally not very demanding, it is ok to use ordinary sunglasses, because polarized sunglasses are relatively high-end in sunglasses. Of course, if you are a car owner who needs to drive. It is best to wear polarized sunglasses when driving, because driving often encounters a variety of glare, polarized sunglasses can block part of the glare, but also can filter the ground or The glare reflected from the opposite car body makes the visual field clearer and reduces the visual fatigue, which is conducive to safe driving.

At the same time, the identification of traffic lights by non-polarized sunglasses will produce a huge color difference and become a traffic hazard.

The viewing angle of the polarizer is more natural and clear than the sunglasses. Also, it is more suitable to wear polarizers when fishing, skiing, vacation and other outdoor sports.

The differentiation of polarized lenses and ordinary sunglasses

When friends buy polarized sunglasses, they should pay attention to the identification. The difference between polarizer and sunglasses and the method of discriminating are relatively simple. As long as the two polarized lenses are stacked vertically if they are opaque, it means a true polarizer, because the particular design of the polarizer lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens, so when the two glasses are stacked vertically, most of the light will be blocked.

In addition to sunglasses, you can also go to the bottom of the sun for a specific experience. Under the sun, the polarizer will be significantly more comfortable than the average sunglasses. Of course, the difference between polarizers and sunglasses is also evident in the price. At present, the price of general polarizers on the market is about dozens of dollars, while the number of professional outdoor polarizers is thousands of dollars.

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