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Sports sunglasses manufacturer

  • Reputable sports sunglasses manufacturer for 12 years. 
  • Special and bespoke sports sunglasses.
  • Stylish and trendy sports sunglasses 
  • Understand fashion trends, and make sophisticated sunglasses for every season. 

Sports sunglasses Manufacturer For You

在 Y&T Eyewear,我们帮助运动太阳镜设计师将他们的设计变为现实。作为一家太阳镜工厂,我们可靠且高效。我们将帮助您制作定制运动太阳镜,以便您可以专注于设计新太阳镜。

我们是运动太阳镜制造商,可以促进您的业务发展。为您的偏光运动太阳镜批发业务提供最好的质量。在 Y&T,我们随时准备帮助您完善您的设计,并打造令您引以为豪的定制太阳镜。

Custom Sports Sunglasses Series

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Black Sports sunglasses VS-278

sports sunglasses manufacturers do custom y and t.jpg

UV400 Sports sunglasses VS-279

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Polarized Sports sunglasses VS-280

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Pilot Sports sunglasses VS-281

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trend Sports sunglasses VS-282

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Bold frame Sports sunglasses VS-283

Custom Any Desgin you want

200+ Sports Sunglasses Styles

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Classes Sports sunglasses VS-284

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red Sports sunglasses VS-285

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small lens Sports sunglasses VS-286

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Colorful Sports sunglasses VS-287

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Bicycle sports sunglasses VS-288

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night vision Sports sunglasses VS-289

Why choose Y&T Eyewear?

Variety of eyewear

As a sport sunglasses manufacturer, we have plenty of other eyewear products including party sunglasses, custom prescription sunglasses, optical frames, etc.

Quality Guaranteed

Our quality control team tests all products before they’re supplied to the customers.

Robust inventory

We have an inventory of over 300 styles. You can rest assured that we can get you the design you need.

Fresh New Styles

We have a R&D team that creates over one hundred designs every month. This team comprises 8 professional designers. They are also available to inspire you in creating awesome designs.

Bespoke service

We also offer customization services for any kind of designs.

World-class factory equipment

With our 8 CNC machining centers and 13 injection molding machines, our sports sunglasses factory stands out as one of the best in the world.

Our factory

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Advantages of Y&T Sports Sunglasses

Who Choose US?

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I get samples before production?

Ans: We give clients samples to test, before mass production. We offer two kinds, customization and Available sample.

2.Can I use my customized packing for the sunglasses?

Ans: Yes. And to make this process easier for you, send a request sample. We will purchase the designer glasses from our supplier. This will save your time and energy.

3.The quantity of my first order is low. Can I develop custom and sports designer sunglasses as a request?

Ans: There is no little in Y&T. We will begin with that project and in time develop a long term cooperation relationship. However, you will be charged for the mold opening, packing and opening cost for the sports designer sunglasses.

4.What global markets do you work with?

Ans: Since our inception, we have exported sports designer sunglasses to South America, North America and European companies. We also supply a host of customers with custom designer sunglasses globally.

5.Are you affordable?

Ans: In the market, we offer the best prices for quality sunglasses.

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