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  • Specialized in the safety glasses Industry more  than 12 Years

  • Best Solution For The Eyes Safety Protective  

  • DevelopVarious Protective Glasses  According To The Epidemic

  • Assist You To Do Safety Glasses Development

You may find a suitable safety glasses supplier from China now. Why not consider Y & T Eyewear as your safety glasses manufacturer? Our goal is to save purchasing and follow up time for our customers.  Y & T always plans the best service and give high-quality safety glasses result for you. Believe us! Import from a Chinese supplier will make the cost of sales very advantageous.Y&T Eyewear are always welcome you to our company in China.

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What We Can Do For You?

Develop Many Safety Glasses During The Epidemic

As a safety glasses manufacturer, we have developed many new safety glasses according to customer needs in 2020. Customers provide CAD designs, and we help them realize the design. All customizations made by customers are oriented to the needs of the epidemic.

Great Emphasis On Practical Efficiency

During the epidemic, we are racing against time in product development. Therefore, as a safety glasses manufacturer, we attach great importance to the speed of product development. Fast completion of the various needs of customers will make you more powerful in market competition.

Tons of Safety Glasses Styles

As a safety glasses manufacturer, after years of accumulation, we already have many styles of safety glasses. If you come to make an inquiry, we basically let you choose from the existing styles first.

Customized Safety Glasses Detail

We can meet all your product accessory requests, such as the customized color box, product pamphlet, cloth safety glasses cloth. This will make your safety glasses very attractive. During the epidemic, it is of great significance to guide more and more customers to accept and use safety protection products.

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Who will choose us?


Do you have a guide how to import the safety glasses from China?

 Our main market is overseas market.  We export the eyewear product all over world.  Give us your destination port. Y&T Eyewear’s sales will assist you to do shipping work. We have forwarder partner ,they will guide you how to do. And the forwarder will will have agent  to do custom clearance for you.

Is your products personal protection or medical protection?

They belong to personal protective product. This point must be made clear before you place an order.

Would you be willing to support a smaller initial MOQ?

We can understand you need to test the quality and market through the trial order.  If you will pay for the mold cost and set up fee, it is OK for us to accept small MOQ. 

Why should I purchase safety glasses from China?

China has the most complete variety of safety glasses in the world.  Chinese safety glasses factories have a good sense of service. If you want to make bigger and bigger safety glasses wholesale business. It is a good idea to buy from Chinese safety glasses suppliers.

Why should I import Chinese glasses?

China’s cost advantage is incomparable to any other country. She has a complete industrial supply chain for eyeglasses factories. Here have top eyewear companies. With so many years of development, the quality of  Chinese glasses is continually improving. More and more foreign buyers realize this.point and import eyeglasses from China. At the same time, as a Chinese eyeglass manufacturer in China. We also seized some opportunities and developed tons of oversea import customers.