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Rimless Glasses Manufacturer

The benefits of choosing Y&T Eyewear as your rimless glasses hero include:

    • One-stop rimless glasses wholesale manufacturer with over 12 years of experience
    • World-class customer service from our experienced team of 8 designers
    • Authentic rimless glasses at competitive prices
    • Uncompromised quality

Designer Rimless Glasses Manufacturer

As one of the leading rimless glasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear offers you over 12 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the eyewear industry. We offer all our services with the utmost care and attention to detail.

You will receive high-quality rimless glasses the first time because we know you have a variety of manufacturers and suppliers to choose from.We can never manufacture for you glasses that we wouldn’t be comfortable wearing.

We are a one-stop factory that offers a wide variety of rimless glasses in different styles, colors, sizes, and shapes.  As a customer-oriented rimless glasses manufacturer, we will ensure you are happy with what you receive by making your priority our priority.

Our knowledgeable and experienced sales team will help you make the best choice possible.  Look no further than Y&T Eyewear.

Rimless Sunglasses


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Why Choose Y&T Eyewear

Incredible selection

As a rimless glasses manufacturer, we can provide you with a wide selection of stylish rimless glasses in different materials, sizes, shapes and colors. Our rimless glasses are also available in a variety of coatings. We have ultra-lightweight rimless glasses for kids, women, and men with many customizable options. The lenses are available in different shapes including round, small, square, among others. All the unique eyewear needs of your unique customers will be well taken care of.

Attentive and innovative design team

Besides been innovative and creative, our R&D team takes time to listen and understand your requirements. They will work with you to ensure that your rimless glasses look like the idea you have in mind. They will listen to your OEM or ODM idea and specifications because they are keen to avoid mistakes for all your new designs. They constantly investigate new technologies and designs in the eyewear industry and recommend them when need arises.

Better quality

As a reliable rimless glasses manufacturer, we strive to offer the best quality rimless glasses. Quality is in-built. Your rimless glasses will be manufactured according to your requirements and in adherence to strict safety and regulatory requirements. We will check every pair of glasses to ensure the quality is top notch.

Professional equipment

During our 12 years of service, we have been able to acquire and maintain an efficient production line. We are capable of manufacturing large and small quantities of rimless sunglasses. We can also produce your rush orders hassle free. In other words, we have the equipment and skills to fulfill your requirements without compromising on quality.


Do you have an idea for your rimless glasses? If yes, we can design and manufacture rimless glasses to suit your requirements. To ensure you are 100 percent happy and satisfied, we will provide you with a sample of every new design we help you realize. With that in mind, the final result will be stunning rimless glasses that you will definitely love.

Efficient stock control

As an experienced rimless glasses manufacturer, we understand that neglecting inventory management can affect your company’s sales and profits. Y&T Eyewear would be happy to help you restructure and organize your inventory management system. We will provide you with accurate and efficient stock takes to ensure you are maximizing your profits. You will never run out of stock.

Our factory

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Advantages of Rimless Sunglasses

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What You Need to Know About Y&T Eyewear

 As a leading rimless glasses manufacturer, Y&T strives to ensure you fall in love with our rimless glasses the first time you see them. Our team of over 150 workers knows what makes a great pair of rimless glasses. We have among the best craftsmen in the industry.

We have been making premium quality rimless glasses for over a decade, and we know our stuff very well. We have the most experienced hands behind the scenes.

Your rimless glasses will be designed and manufactured with love and attention to detail.

Our expert team of dedicated workers will test and tweak your glasses to ensure you get what you pay for. You will receive rimless glasses for men and women that have been designed with your customers’ comfort in mind.

We have a collection of over 300 styles of glasses in different sizes, colors and shapes to choose from.  We will be happy to provide you with a sample of the rimless glasses so you can take a look and see how they feel.

To discover more about our range of rimless glasses, please contact our sales team.

Our Clients

Some of our customers include:

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