Promotional Sunglasses From China

> Do you want to launch a promotion?

> Do you have no idea about which product for promotion event?

> There is no mistake in choosing sunglasses as promotional gifts.

> Do you still worry about the MOQ of the promotional sunglasses?

Promotional sunglasses

The custom sunglasses with quite a low-cost can be used as tradeshow giveaways. The promotional sunglasses are against UVA, UVB function for hot summer promotions. It can effectively eliminate glare. The sunglasses with good protection under strong light and make users feel comfortable to wear outdoors. They are more suitable for outdoor promotions. For example, the promotional equipment of the heatstroke relief products, such as the gifts of the beverage promotion activities, and the team sunglasses used by the tour group,cheerleaders’ sunglasses in sports events. The brand’s logo can be put on the sunglasses’ arms. We can also do a simple hole sticker on the lens. The sticker can be removed easily as per the user’s needs.

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Want to Start A Business?

Why Choose Promotional Sunglasses as a giveaway?

Any Promotional Company

Promotional sunglasses are suitable for any company that needs promotion, such as food companies, clothing companies, home appliance companies. Because sunglasses are popular among customers. They are a good choice for companies that want to promotional sales.

Fordable Price

Because of its relatively low price, injection-molded sunglasses are sunglasses promotional items which are very suitable for sales promotion. We can make many classic styles at a low cost to meet customers’ price requirements for promotional sunglasses giveaway. And many companies can afford promotional products sunglasses expense.

Custom promo sunglasses

Professional promotional products companies Promotion companies will value the style of the product very much. We have many cheap personalized sunglasses for promotion. Custom promo sunglasses are trendy for them. Custom promo sunglasses are trendy for them. You can also custom some cartoon characters if you have a license.The variety of your promotional glasses can be diverse.

Brand Anywhere

The promotion industry is a vast market, and sunglasses are very suitable for promotional gift products. A pair of printed sunglasses is a walking billboard. We are a company with cheap sunglasses can provide custom logo sunglasses. As a custom sunglasses manufacturer, We can boost your promotional activities. Sunglasses with logo printing can help major companies promote their brands. Put the company brand in the heart of consumers.

Trend Sunglasses Styles For Promotional

 Styles Designed For Promotion

custom bottle opener sunglasses promotional sunglasses.jpg

If you want to promote drinking food, why not collect it as your giveaway? It is a practical and cool gift.

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For National Day activities of various countries, you can choose this style and print the national flag of the country.

promotional neon sunglasses.jpg


It is a collapsible style. It is very convenient for people to carry it. It can put in a clothes pocket or bag.

custom promotional sunglasse.jpg


If you do simply design the colour of the glasses, this style is also good, what do you think?

promotional printed sunglasses.jpg

The sunglasses frames with a colourful pattern printed make the sunglasses much beautiful. And you can also make your subject printing as your logo and product.

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It is a collapsible style. It is very convenient for people to carry it. It can put in a clothes pocket or bag.

custom printed lens promotional sunglasses.jpg


The custom printed lens’s cost is high. So we make stickers on the lens that can decrease cost-effectively.

promotional plastic sunglasses.jpg

It is a carton style at a little cost. Maybe you have some favourite cartoon styles that can also be customized.

ray ban sunglasses promotion.jpg

This is classic style sunglasses. We control the production cost and make it at an affordable price.

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Promotional sunglasses with the polarized lens is a better range. The cost will be higher than a normal lens.

custom bottle opener sunglasses promotional sunglasses.jpg


If you want to promote the drinking food, why not collect it as your giveaway?It is a practical and cool gift.

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promotional sunglasses wholesale mens.gif


promotional sunglasseswholesale custom.jpg


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Wholesale UNIQUE promotional SUNGLASSES

Why Choose Y&T Eyewear

Free samples of the company’s existing styles.

It is convenient for you to confirm the quality of our promo glasses products.


You can easily start your promotion business. A small number of orders can be customized to your favourite colour

We have a specialized design team.

If you don’t understand the design, you only need to provide the logo and colour, and we will make the product renderings and send them to you for confirmation.`


Express or air transport shipping is a common mode of transportation. If your order needs to express delivery, we will cooperate with the express delivery agent company for a long time. They can offer super low special express cost.

Delivery time

Delivery time is a crucial thing for sales promotion. You may have a planned sales date. If you choose our current sunglasses styles, we will do simple customization for imprinted sunglasses. We will finish the order within 10-20 days.

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