Hero Custom Built Eyeglass Frames

  • As a custom-built eyeglass frames manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear has been specializing in the manufacturing of custom made eyeglass frames for 12 years

  • You will get custom designed frames that have been made with the best materials available

  • You will get custom eyeglass frames that are affordable, versatile, stylish and popular

  • You get eyeglass frames that have gone through appropriate inspection protocols

Y&T Eyewear: Custom Built Eyeglass Frames Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Y&T Eyewear is proud to be one of the leading custom built eyeglass frames manufacturers in China and across the world. Y&T utilizes the best technology and innovative ideas to create the perfect custom eyeglass frames for your company.


Therefore, if you are looking for custom eyewear manufacturers with a reputable record of accomplishment, please reach out to Y&T Eyewear. Y&T is ready to listen to your custom made eyeglass frames needs so we can help you discover customized solutions for your eyewear business.

Cutom Built Eyeglass Frame In Acetate/Titanium

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Custom Built Eyeglass Frames With PC/TR Material​

Benefits of Manufacturing at Y&T Eyewear

Having worked in the eyewear industry for over 12 years, Y&T has earned the trust of many customers. Y&T Eyewear will play a pivotal role in the manufacture of your custom eyeglass frames. Here’s why:

Utilizes the best of materials available

Y&T Eyewear uses high quality acetate, titanium, TR, and polycarbonate to manufacture eyeglass frames. Therefore, you will get a fully customized service with your material of choice.

Create blue light blocking glasses for your frames

Blue light blocking lenses have become very popular because of their ability to filter blue light from phones and computers. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase custom fit eyeglass frames with blue blocker glasses, Y&T Eyewear can manufacture them for you.

Utilizes a resourceful research and development team

The R&D department is an intergral part of Y&T Eyewear. The R&D team will do the research, and develop the design of your custom fit eyeglass frames based on your idea. You can rest assured Y&T will create for you the best eyeglass frames possible.

Strong and receptive sales team

Y&T Eyewear understands that repeat sales are not accidental. Therefore, the sales team is keen on forging a close working relationship with its customers. They will take note of your product needs, and answer all your questions to ensure you leave Y&T a happy customer.

Thorough quality inspection

As a leading manufacturer of high quality custom built eyeglass frames, Y&T Eyewear will satisfy your quality requirements, as well as your customization needs. The QC staff will inspect your eyeglass frames at every stage to ensure they have been designed according to your instructions.

Production team affords you a competitive advantage

In addition to Y&T’s attention to detail, your custom fit eyeglass frames will be subjected to a technologically advanced manufacturing processes. Consequently, Y&T production team will produce high quality and functional eyeglass frames that will help you rise above the competition.

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Octagon FRAME

The Best Eyeglass Frame Materials

Y&T Eyewear is a custom built eyeglass frames manufacturer with an array of materials, which include:

Custom Built Eyeglass Frames Manufacturers China - Y&T Eyewear Acetate


Acetate is a plant-based plastic, which makes it allergy-free. It is famous for its rich colors, perfect finishes, as well as for being lightweight, durable, and flexible.

Custom Built Eyeglass Frames Manufacturers China - Y&T Eyewear Tianium


Titanium is a perfect material for eyeglass frames. It is not only resilient, but also corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic. It is a lighter than most metals. You can get it in different hues at Y&T Eyewear.

Custom Built Eyeglass Frames Manufacturers - Y&T Eyewear TR


TR90 eyeglass frames are ideal for kids and adults. Its key features include durability, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. It tends to maintain its properties when subjected to low and high temperatures.



PC is a lightweight plastic material, and it is famous for its unique colors, designs, and patterns. Polycarbonate is also available in clear transparent frames. It is hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for both kids and adults.

Y&T Customers

For the past 12 years, Y&T Eyewear has been working with:

As your lifelong partner, Y&T Eyewear is committed to delivering customer-focused services and finding lasting solutions for all our customers. You can order the best eyeglass frames in large and small MOQs.

Custom Built Eyeglass Frames Manufacturers

Why Y&T Eyewear is a Safe Choice


As a manufacturer of custom built eyeglass frames, Y&T Eyewear is not only reliable, but also capable of delivering eyeglass frames that are versatile, long-lasting and affordable.

Y&T can offer you a fully customized and unique solution for your custom made eyeglass frames based on your idea. In other words, the aim of Y&T Eyewear is to help you transform your eyeglass frames idea into reality.

It is important to note that Y&T will not steal your idea. Therefore, do not allow the fear of your idea being stolen hold you back from building your brand. Y&T looks forward to helping you create a profitable eyeglass frames business without compromising on quality.

Grab the opportunity so you can begin to give your competitors a run for their money. Please contact Y&T Eyewear for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to import custom built eyeglass frames from Y&T. What is the procedure

The importation process is extremely easy and seamless. The Y&T sales team and trusted freight forwarders will give you step-by-step import procedures

What eyeglass frames are available for customization?

Most of our eyeglass frames can be customized regardless of the material, logo, design, color, and pattern.

Can I order a few pieces of eyeglass frames?

As a leading custom built eyeglass frames supplier, Y&T Eyewear allows both low quantity and high quantity purchases. For more details, please contact Y&T Eyewear.

Do you ship eyeglass frames internationally?

Regular customers come from countries such as U.S. Europe, Southeast Asia. However, our team can ship to any country without a problem.

Why do most eyewear brands prefer to ship customized eyeglass frames from China?

You can get superior quality custom built eyeglass frames at extremely low prices from Chinese manufacturers. If you’re looking to work with reliable and affordable custom made eyewear manufacturers from China , please contact Y&T Eyewear sales team. Y&T is more than eager to partner with you.

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