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Here’s why you should order your rose gold sunglasses from Y&T Eyewear:

  • More than 12 years experience in the production of custom logo sunglasses
  • A dedicated team of professional designers with a wealth of experience and expertise
  • On-trend sunglasses with unique designs, colors, and shapes
  • High quality sunglasses for men, women and kids with quick turnaround times

Custom Logo Sunglasses In China

Are you planning to invest in custom logo sunglasses, and you’re looking to order wholesale sunglasses with your logo from a reliable manufacturer? If yes, Y&T Eyewear has a reputation for excellence and quality in the manufacturing of sunglasses with logo printing.


Y&T Eyewear is able to maintain high standards because we manufature all our eyewear in-house. That way, we are able to take full control of the quality control management process.


We look forward to printing your stunning logo designs on sunglasses of your choice.  We are your one-stop solution for all your eyewear needs. Please contact us for more information on our sunglasses manufacturer logos.

Custom Logo Sunglasses Styles

Custom Any Desgin you want

200+ Custom Sunglasses Model

Reasons You Should Consider Working With Y&T Eyewear

We provide a wide array of customized eyewear

Y&T Eyewear will provide you with the widest range and highest quality sunglasses possible. We have over 500+ pre-designed sunglasses that you can choose from. Our pre-designed sunglasses can be modified with your logo to suit your needs. If you are looking for unique sunglasses, our highly experienced design team is capable of delivering a custom solution for you.

Long life build quality

Attention to detail is paramount which is why we will subject your customized sunglasses to a comprehensive quality assurance process. From initial design through to manufacturing, your eyewear collection will be designed with the highest quality. At Y&T Eyewear, quality and durability of the final product is key to satisfying your eyewear needs.

Unparalleled inventory management system

As a recognized custom logo sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear always has a sufficient quantity of inventory. We have a stock of over 300 styles at any given time. This helps to ensure you get your custom logo sunglasses or ready-made sunglasses when you need them. Consequently, you will not incur losses because of missed sales.

Up-to-date research and development team

Our R&D team is up-to-date with the latest designs, styles, colors, and shapes. They are able to design over 100 unique designs each moth. They are capable of translating their research insights into creative designs and processes that will make your eyewear business unique.

Customization services

At Y&T Eyewear, we take your customization needs seriously. Therefore, we are eager to hear your custom logo sunglasses idea. We will transform your unique idea into finely crafted sunglasses with a full variety of finishes, styles, colors, and sizes. Be sure to provide us with a high resolution image of your logo.

Cutting edge technology

Y&T Eyewear utilizes cutting-edge print technology to provide you with the perfect solution for your custom logo sunglasses. We are able to manufacture for you wholesale sunglasses with your logo with fast turnaround times.

Our factory

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Advantages of Custom Logo Sunglasses

Custom Logo Sunglasses Manufacturer & Supplier

About Us

Established over 12 years ago, Y&T Eyewear is famous for its reliability and quality. We have perfected the art of creating custom designs, and we have thousands of satisfied repeat customers.

Having been in the eyewear business for long enough, we are able to grasp your needs and deliver the kind of sunglasses you want. We have invested in cutting-edge technology, which includes 13 injection-molding machines and 8 CNC machining centers.

Therefore, we are able to produce the highest quality wholesale sunglasses with logo at the lowest prices. We have an extensive inventory of over 500+ styles of sunglasses. Therefore, working with us will give you access to shorter lead times and on-time delivery for your order.

We are a one-stop solution for all your custom eyewear needs, meaning we will save you a lot of time and energy. There is absolutely no need to move from one factory to another looking for extra services.

Our Partners

Y&T Eyewear has many repeat clients and referrals. Our customers include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my logo be unique?

Yes. It will be as unique as the sample you provide. Your logo will be designed exclusively for your eyewear business

Where will the logo for customized sunglasses be displayed?

You have two options. You can place your logo either on the lenses or on the temples

How many colors can I print?

Y&T Eyewear allows one or two color logo imprint. However, with certain designs of sunglasses, you can be able to imprint a four-color logo.

What materials are your sunglasses made of?

Y&T Eyewear manufactures wooden, TAC, and nylon sunglasses

What colors and styles can I choose?

You will have access to multiple colors and a wide collection of high quality styles.

Wholesale custom printed sunglasses world cup

  • Disney, BSCI, NBCU, SEDEX Audit Manufacturer
  • Focusing on Licensed business for more than 10 years
  • We have our own designer team
  • OEM Designs are welcomed
  • Product Can pass EU & USA Regulation