Unique Sunglasses Manufacturer Y&T

  • Unique sunglasses manufacturer with 12 year’s industry experience
  • Production of customized sunglasses
  • We make unique sunglasses in tune with the trends of the international market
  • We produce unique sunglasses in line with market demands

Unique Sunglasses Manufacturer For You

Y&T is an expert unique sunglasses manufacturer in China. We make high-quality sunglasses of all kinds and styles according to customer demands. If you are a sunglasses designer and you’re looking for a unique sunglasses manufacturer to create your designs, Y&T is best for you. We will help you produce your sunglasses so that you can concentrate on creating your unique designs. We have a world class production control system you can trust to create high-quality designs for you.

Unique Sunglasses Design Series

Custom Any Desgin you want

300+ Unique Sunglasses Styles

Why You Should Work With Y&T?

Broad spectrum of eyewear

Y&T has a broad spectrum of eyewear including reading glasses, party sunglasses, vintage glasses, optical frames, etc. We are that unique sunglasses manufacturer that can give you any style of glasses you need.

Top-notch Quality Control system

Our quality control team checks all products for quality, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Rich inventory

We understand that selling inventory will be the new cool in the fashion industry. So, we have an inventory on over 300 styles.

Continuously updates inventory

Our R&D team comprise of 8 designers who have been in the industry for many years. They team-up to create over 100 new designs every month. Our team is ready to help you with creative ideas for your designs.

Sunglasses customization

We create customized unique sunglasses according to our customers; demands.

World-class production facilities

We produce our designs in a world class factory with 8 CNC machines and 13 injection molding machines.

Our factory

EYE frame


Octagon FRAME

Advantages of Choosing Y&T Eyewear

Our Customers


1.Does Y&T Eyewear allow sample testing?

Yes, we give our clients samples to check before production. It could be available samples or customized samples. Whichever way, clients have to confirm the samples before bulk production.

2.Does Y&T Eyewear allow clients use customized packaging

Yes, you can use your preferred package. You just have to tell us, and we will order the package from our package supplier to save time.

3.Can I make an order for small quantity of unique sunglasses?

We accept small orders. But the client has to pay for mold opening, design cost and for the packaging. After the small order, you can increase to a larger order, Y&T Eyewear is always ready to serve you.

4.What are your global markets?

Our global markets include Europe, North America and South America. We have imported lots of sunglasses to clients in these regions.

5.Can I get an affordable price for my order?

Considering the fact that we own the production factory, we give our clients the best price on all their orders.