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  • Top-quality professional and customized services.
  • Help our customers consider their local market situations and introduce to them the latest sunglasses styles that fit their market situations.
  • Capable of getting the latest knowledge as regards the trends and fads of the sunglasses international market.

Round Sunglasses Manufacturer

Are you a sunglasses designer looking for a supplier who deals on custom round sunglasses China? Are you looking for a custom sunglasses manufacturer to make custom round sunglasses that bear your brand logo?

Congratulations for finding yourself one of the most innovative manufacturers and suppliers who specializes on custom round sunglasses China. If you choose Y&T Eyewear as your round sunglasses supplier and manufacturer, your sunglasses designs are guaranteed to come to reality.

We will provide you with the needed support and co-operation to push your designs to another level. You will save yourself much time that you can redirect into your designs. You will also enjoy hassle-free business relationship among other benefits.

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Deal on Various Eyewear

As round sunglasses suppliers in China, we provide you with a wide range of eyewear selections such as party sunglasses, custom round sunglasses, reading glasses, optical frame, and lots more.

Maintain High Quality Control System

Before we release any production batch of custom round sunglasses China, our quality control team first makes sure of the quality. Our focus is to provide top-quality services to our customers.

Readily Available Inventory

One future trend for the eyewear industry is selling of inventory. We know this, and we have a collection of different eyewear styles. In fact, we now have more than 300 different eyewear at Y&T.

Keep up with New Styles

When it comes down to keeping up with latest updates in the eyewear industry, there are not many eyewear manufacturing companies that can keep up with the trend.

Provide Customization Services

If you choose us today, we will provide you with our top-notch customization services on your sunglasses. If you need to make custom round sunglasses China, we will help you to customize your brand logos on your round sunglasses the way you want.

State of the art Equipment

We have state of the art production equipment in our factories where we produce round sunglasses in China. Our advanced equipment include injection molding machine. In fact, we boast of 13 of the injection molding machine.We also have the computer numerical control (CNC) machine in our factory. With the CNC machine, we are able to automate the control of our machine tools. Presently, we boast of 8 of the CNC machine.

Our factory

EYE frame


Octagon FRAME

What Are the Advantages of Y &T Custom Round Sunglasses?

Our Target Customers?


Do you give customers sample before you mass produce?

Yes. Before we begin the mass production of custom round sunglasses China, we will first bring you a sample of what to expect from the batch production. That way, you will get to see if the sample meets with your design requirement.


The samples are in two kinds: the customization samples and the available samples.

Can my desired requirement be used for the custom sunglasses package?

Of course you will be able to make use of your desired requirements for the package of your custom sunglasses. What you have to do is provide us with the sample of what requirements you want for the package of your sunglasses.


As soon as we receive your sample, we will contact our package supplier and make an order for the sunglasses package.

Can I make a small quantity request for custom sunglasses?

Yes, we accept small quantity requirement. We will charge you only for the packaging and the mode opening cost. We will provide you with support right from the start of the first project until the finish. Our aim is to provide you with long-term support.

Which international markets have you done business with?

We have carried out business activities with various companies around the globe, including companies from South America, North America and Europe. We can supply our round sunglasses China to any part of the world wherever you want.

Will you give me a good price for custom sunglasses?

Yes we will give you a good price for any of our eyewear.