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Hero China Glasses

     · 12 years of experience in production of high quality OEM glasses
· Best eyeglasses at affordable prices
· Access to over 300 styles for men, women, and children
· Injection molded glasses
· Quality control inspection for your products 


China Glasses OEM

Are you looking to import high quality wholesale China glasses for your eyewear company? Do you want to work with a reliable and affordable OEM China manufacurer? If yes, Y&T Eyewear is a leading wholesale China glasses manufacturer.

Y&T Eyewear has been producing eyewear made in China for over 12 years. Our factory manufactures and distributes a wide range of prescription glasses, sunglasses, and digital protection glasses among others.

Importing high-quality OEM/ODM eyewear glasses from China is the best decision you can make. Y&T would like to hear from you.

Custom Frames Glasses In Acetae/Titanium

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Custom Frames Glasses With PC/TR Material​

Why Y&T is the Best China Factory

Y&T Eyewear has been able to create real customer loyalty due to:

Y&T uses only high quality materials

Selecting the right eyeglasses material is critical. It helps to ensure that you provide premium quality, long-lasting, and comfortable glasses for your customers. That said, Y&T Eyewear can manufacture for you high quality acetate, TR90, polycarbonate, and titanium eyeglasses.

Digital protection glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are the key to curbing the harmful effects of blue light from digital screens. Therefore, blue light lenses have become quite popular in today’s digital world. If you’d like to purchase eyeglasses with blue light filter, Y&T Eyewear can customize them for you.

Highly qualified professional designers

Are you sourcing for a China glasses manufacturer with innovative manufacturing solutions? Do you want to customize your eyewear glasses? If yes, then Y&T Eyewear R&D team would love to hear your ideas. In a month, our 8 professional designers can create 30 to 50 styles of eyeglasses in different colors and patterns. Regardless of the design you want, the R&D team will be able to fulfill your vision.

Responsive sales team

Y&T Eyewear’s sales team never disappoints when it comes to meeting performance goals. Therefore, every aspect of your eyeglasses idea is important to them. Our sales team pays great attention to detail. From the first meeting with you, through development, to after sales services, nothing will be left to chance. Please contact our sales team for prompt services.

Commitment to quality

Quality control is at the heart of everything Y&T Eyewear does. Therefore, we strive to provide you with the highest quality OEM eyeglasses. Y&T ensures consistency across all eyewear products. You can rest assured your custom-made eyeglasses will meet international standards.

Expert craftsmen

Y&T Eyewear’s production plant utilizes cutting-edge technology. The Y&T production team has many years of experience and expertise. Therefore, we can produce for you premium quality custom glasses that satisfy your requests.

Our factory

EYE frame


Octagon FRAME

Types of Eyewear Glasses Materials

The materials used to produce your custom made eyewear glasses can include:

China Glasses Manufacturer & Supplier For You Y&T Eyewear Acetate


Acetate is famous for its deep gloss and high transparency. Acetate glasses give the wearer a natural and comfortable feel. They are available in a wide selection of colors.

They are allergy-free, light, and durable. They have a range of finishes including matte, brushed, and luster polish.

Glasses And Eyewear Manufacturer & Supplier China - Titanium


Y&T Eyewear Titanium eyeglasses are ultra-light. They are highly flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, non-corrosive, and biocompatible. You can combine different colors to get high quality customized eyeglasses.

Glasses And Eyewear Manufacturer & Supplier China - Y&T Eyewear TR

TR 90

Are you looking for eyeglasses that are comfortable to wear, durable and flexible? Thermoplastic eyeglasses have all those features. They can bend according to one’s face.

They are impact resistant and unbreakable. TR90 glasses are available in different bright colors and patterns.



PC glasses are lighter and thinner. They are shatterproof, making them ideal for kids and adults. They deliver 100% UV protection. PC is great for prescription glasses because it does not add thickness to the lenses.

Our Eyeglasses Customers

Y&T Eyewear is delighted to work with some of the world’s most famous brands. We provide innovative eyewear products for:

Regardless of your unique color, style, and quantity requirements, Y&T Eyewear is ready to partner with you.

China Glasses Manufacturer & Supplier For Your Business - Y&T

Why Y&T Eyewear is the Best China Glasses Manufacturer

Y&T Eyewear is a trusted OEM manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of superior quality eyewear glasses. We pride ourselves in having a great working relationship with companies like Walmart, Daiso, and Disney.

Y&T can offer you trendy eyeglasses in different colors and patterns. We can also provide you with a wide collection of injection moulded frames for your eyeglass line.

Therefore, your eyeglasses will be produced using the latest innovations in the eyewear industry. Your reading optical glasses, sunglasses, and digital protection glasses will have high quality and affordable frames.

Y&T will inspect the glasses before shipping them to you. This critical because we want to ensure you get value for your money. However, we can provide you with a sample before the final product is manufactured.  

Please contact Y&T for details on how we can fulfill your eyewear glasses needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have an eyewear startup company. What do I need to know about selecting eyeglasses?

Y&T Eyewear has over 300 styles of eyeglasses. When you talk to our sales team about your eyewear glasses needs, they will explain to you about the different glasses you can select.

What type of glasses can I get?

As the best China glasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear product line consists of a wide selection of polarized sunglasses, reading optical glasses, and digital protection glasses. You can get acetate, TR90, polycarbonate, and titanium eyeglasses.

What are polarized glasses?

Polarized glasses are designed with anti-reflective coating. They prevent glare from water, reflective and road surfaces. They promote clear vision and comfort.

I want customized glasses in different MOQs. Is this possible?

Yes. As a leading China glasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear allows you to order a few, or as many pieces of custom-made glasses as you want.

What countries do you ship eyeglasses to?

As a renowned China glasses manufacturer, we ship to a variety of countries and regions including U.S.A, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Most eyewear glasses are manufactured in China. Why is this?

China factories have low manufacturing costs and high production capability. If you order from Y&T Eyewear, you will be able to order high-quality glasses and save thousands of dollars.

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