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Optical Frame Manufacturer In China

An optical frame manufacturer can give optical frame importers and wholesalers with great help. Y&T Eyewear is your first choice optical frame Supplier in China. Y&T Eyewear will save tons of time for your sourcing work.Y&T Eyewear is an optical frame manufacturer in China that has a great advantage in optical frame price and quality control ability.  Work with Y&T!  Find and import optical frames from Y&T Eyewear before your competitors will create a big business opportunity for you. Many of your competitors already did. Work with Y&T will make you profitable. Inquiry now for Y&T Eyewear’s excellent communication.

Acetate Or Titanium Optical Frame


PC OR TR Optical Frame

Why More than 1000 frame clients choose Y&T?

Frame with anti-blue light function lenses enriches your product.

You can consider putting the anti-blue light lenses on the optical frame. The blue light glasses have a huge market because people use mobile and computer every day. More and more people pay attention to eye health. Blue light glasses have gradually become a necessity in life. Develop your product line with blue light glasses that will drive your business. It will give huge business profits for you.

Do Frame In Different Acetate, TR, PC Material

As an optical frame manufacturer, several optical frame product line to produce different materials frames. Y&T Eyewear can provide optical frames of all materials.No need to contact so many optical frame Suppliers in China. You can reduce the energy to promote your marketing works. Contact Us Now!

R&D Team

Y&T Eyewear’s designer team pushes 50 styles of optical frame every month. It can meet the market requirement. They use different colors and patterns for specific style optical frames. The optical frame styles, color, packaging will affect the sales. You can make full use of my design team to create value for your company.

Sales Team

Y&T Eyewear’s sales member very experiences. They can get your demand very fast and give you valuable suggestions. They will reply to all your questions within 1 hour. More three years of sales and eyewear industrial experience make them professional and reliable.

Quality Control Team

Y&T QC team’s main detail works are product quality checking, printing inspection, order requirement detail checking before packing. And double-check the shipping package and s

Production department

The product department has experienced workers. Some of them have more than five years of working years. Therefore, in terms of production efficiency and quality, it can control very well.

Our factory

EYE frame


Octagon FRAME

The Frame Material Y&T Can Provide
Optical Frame Manufacturer and Supplier

Acetate Optical Frame

Imported density acetate material; the optical frames are not easy to deform and shrink. The design is novel and advanced production is adopted to make each pair of optical frame looks unique.

TR Optical Frame Manufacturer & Supplier China - Y&T Eyewear

TR Optical Frame

Made of soft TR material, with high flexibility, not easy to bend. Lightweight material, comfortable to wear. Lightweight material, comfortable to wear

PC Optical Frame

PC frames are with colorful painting and printing. Y&T Eyewear uses environmentally friendly material spray paint.

Optical Frame Manufacturer CN

Titanium Optical Frame

 48 H salt fog/spray test;biocolor plating;Pure Titanium  IP vacuum plating makes the optical frame not fade. Super light, super-soft, corrosion-resistant, non-allergenic. The frame hardness is relatively high

Our Client Group


How can I import the optical frame from China?

Y&T’s sales team and shipping forwarder will assist you to do the import. Tell us your destination port. The sales will tell you the process. You need to do as per their guide. You can import the optical frame from China successfully.

What kind of customization do Y&T Eyewear do?

As an optical frame manufacturer, we do custom for frame shape, colors, pattern printing, logo, etc.  As an eyeglass manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear can do as you requested as the drawing.

Can you do custom for small orders?

Small orders and large orders have the same production process. Some operating costs and mold costs are the same. If you can accept this cost, we can do your small order.

What countries are your products sold ?

Southeast Asia, Europe, and the USA are our main markets.  As an optical frame manufacturer &supplier in China, we offer optical frames for each country or region.

Why your competitor import the optical frame from China?

No country has competitiveness in product prices like China. The complex supply chain system makes any optical frame can be made. The optical frame quality becomes very high for many years of development. Tons of international buyers choose Chinese optical frame manufacturers as their suppliers for their wholesale optical frame business. Y&T eyewear as an optical frame Supplier in China, he uses this opportunity to develop more optical frames wholesale suppliers clients.