Y&T Eyewear is not only the best eyeglasses manufacturer for your company, but also your hero because:

  • As an eyeglasses frame manufacturer, Y&T has been creating top-quality eyewear for startups and leading brands for the past 12 years.

  • You can launch or expand your eyewear product line with ease

  • You get the most recent styles and trends

  • Eyewear quality inspection is conducted to ensure your product meets your quality and requirements

Y&T Eyewear: High Quality OEM/ODM Eyeglasses Frame Manufacturer

Are you looking to start your own eyewear line, or work with an eyeglasses frame manufacturer that accepts OEM/ODM? If yes, Y&T Eyewear can provide you the kind of eyeglass frames and services you want.

Y&T eyeglasses frame manufacturer is the ideal company because we can prepare inventory for your company. That way, you will be able to make smart reorder decisions, and get your eyeglass frames when you need them.

Acetate Or Titanium Eyeglasses Frame

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PC OR TR Eyeglasses Frame ​

Why Choose Our Company

Y&T has had the privilege of working with more than 1000 clients from across the globe. This has been made possible by:

Wide variety of eyeglass frame materials

Are you looking for the best titanium eyeglass frames manufacturers, or even the best technolite eyeglass frames manufacturer? If yes, Y&T has got you covered. As a leading eyeglasses frame manufacturer, Y&T has a number of materials you can choose. As one of the best eyeglass frames manufacturers china factory, Y&T prides itself in having the best deals for technolite eyeglass frames. Y&T is also a leading manufacturer of high-quality acetate, TR, PC, and titanium eyeglass frames.

Manufacturing blue light glasses

As leading optical eyeglass frame manufacturers, Y&T Eyewear can manufacture for you wholesale eyeglass frames with blue light blocking. Blue light filtering glasses, are famous among Gamers, IT techs, and mobile users. They prevent the blue light from damaging the eyes, reduce eyestrain, and improve sleep. Therefore, if you want to create new business opportunities for your eyewear company, you can incorporate anti-blue light glasses in your product line. For more information, kindly contact Y&T Eyewear.

Efficient R&D team

As independent eyeglass frame manufacturers, Y&T Eyewear has an innovative R&D team. Monthly, the team manufactures over 60 eyeglass frame designs. The team can produce your eyeglass frames in your ideal colors, patterns, and packaging. The team also does comprehensive research to keep Y&T ahead of the competition. They are always ahead of new trends. They evaluate eyeglass frames from other manufacturers to ensure we stay relevant. Therefore, if you’re looking for a replica eyeglass frames china manufacturer, talk to Y&T Eyewear. Y&T has the best replication technology.

Top-notch sales team

Compared to most eyeglass frames manufacturers china factories, Y&T Eyewear prides itself in having a professional sales team. Y&T keeps its team in check by promoting good sales habits. Our sales reps have a minimum of 3 years experience. They are good listeners, and are fast in offering valuable assistance to our esteemed customers. You will get immediate response to your calls, messages, and most pressing issues. Please reach out to the Y&T Eyewear sales team if you have any questions.

Effective quality control staff

At Y&T Eyewear, we understandand you want to receive quality products, and value for your money. Our QC staff will inspect your eyeglass frames before shipping to check for quality, defects, accuracy of specifications, and right packaging.

Harmonious production team

Y&T production team is highly experienced. Their effective communication skills allow them to maintain a seamless flow during production.

Our factory

EYE frame


Octagon FRAME

Best Material for Eyeglasses Frames

Y&T Eyewear has the material you’re looking for including:

Eyeglasses Frame Manufacturer Acetate


Your eyeglass frames will be developed using high-density acetate material. Acetate frames are durable, hypoallergenic, and light weight. Y&T has them in a variety of colors, prints, and texture.

Eyeglasses Frame Manufacturer China - Y&T Eyewear Tianium


If you’ve been looking for titanium eyeglass frames manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place. Y&T manufactures titatium eyeglass frames, which are durable, strong, hypoallergenic, and corrosion-resistant.

Eyeglasses Frame Manufacturer In China TR


Y&T Eyewear also has TR eyeglass frames. The material is fashionable, flexible, long-lasting, light, and extremely comfortable to wear.

Eyeglasses Frame Manufacturer Eyewear PC


The frames come in a variety of colors and patterns. The material is lightweight and impact-resistant. Y&T Eyewear utilizes eco-friendly material spray for all PC eyeglass frames.

Eyeglasses Frame Manufacturer In China - Y&T

Who We Are

Y&T Eyewear is one of the best independent eyeglass frame manufacturers in China. As an independent factory, Y&T offers OEM/ODM high-end services to eyeglass frame vendors.

Therefore, if you prefer to source your eyewear from independent eyeglass frame manufacturers, Y&T Eyewear is here for you. Y&T produces a wide range of eyeglass frames for leading brands and startups across the globe.

Choosing Y&T as your eyeglasses frame manufacturer means you will get competitive prices. You’ll get the best material for your budget under one roof. You don’t need to move from one factory to another. Therefore, you’ll have enough time to focus on your business.

In addition, your eyeglass frames will undergo a rigorous quality inspection process. This will ensure that the frames meet the highest possible standards.

Y&T has a great team of motivated and reliable professionals who are ready to assist you at any given time. Please feel free to contact Y&T Eyewear for all your eyeglass frame-manufacturing needs.

Our Esteemed Customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Y&T shipping procedure?

Once you submit your order, our sales team and freight forwarders will ensure you receive the eyeglass frames at your preferred address.

What customization options do I have?

With Y&T as your preferred eyeglasses frame manufacturer, you can customize the logo, color, print, and shape of your product.

Does Y&T Eyewear accommodate customers with small MOQs?

Absolutely! Y&T has flexible MOQs for both small and big traders. However, the set up and mold costs are similar.

Which destinations do you ship to?

As a leading eyeglasses frame manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear is privileged to have repeat customers from across the globe. However, our main markets are USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Why is China the manufacturer of choice for many eyewear brands?

If you do a search for eyeglass frames manufacturers china, you will realize that most factories have very competitive prices. In addition, China has the most advanced eyeglass frames equipment.

Therefore, Y&T Eyewear is able to produce high quality wholesale eyeglass frames for your high-end store.