Bamboo Sunglasses Manufacturer

  • Y&T has been a bamboo sunglasses manufacturer for over 12 years

  • You can get a wide collection of functional and fashionable lenses

  • You can get unique styles, colors, and shapes bamboo sunglasses

  • You can get low MOQs of 50 pieces for every style of your custom order.

Bamboo Sunglasses Manufacturer In China

Do you run an independent eyewear business or an eyewear franchise? Are you looking for a bamboo sunglasses wholesale factory? If yes, Y&T Eyewear would be happy to serve you.Established more than 12 years ago, Y&T Eyewear is one of China’s leading bamboo sunglasses manufacturer. Y&T Eyewear is focused on delivering to you all kinds of high quality bambo sunglasses including custom bamboo sunglasses.

If you’re in the sunglasses business and want to get help from a wooden sunglasses manufacturer, Y & T Eyewear are ready to give you excellent service. It will help you to save a lot of purchasing energy. Y&T will provide you with the biggest price support and inspect every pair of wooden sunglasses before shipping. You will get more value from Y&T Eyewear as you expect to import wooden sunglasses in China. Welcome to inquire with us. The sales representative

will give you a prompt reply.

Bamboo&Hybrid Sunglasses Collection


Bamboo Sunglasses Collection

Why Stock Wooden Sunglasses from Y&T Eyewear?

Reasons you should stock custom bamboo sunglasses from Y&T Eyewear include:

1.You get access to over 500 designs of bamboo sunglasses At Y&T Eyewear, you can get new designs of bamboo sunglasses every year. That means you’ll always be able to fulfill your customers’ needs, and create new experiences for them.2.Not matter the shape, pattern, or color you want, Y&T Eyewear can customize your bamboo sunglasses. 3.For every custom style, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase in low MOQs of at least 50 units per order.

Future ready R&D Team

Are you searching for a bamboo sunglasses manufacturer with an innovative and effective research and development team? The Y&T Eyewear R&D team is not only present-focused, but also ready for the future. The team is capable of updating existing styles of bamboo sunglasses yearly. Their ability to explore different styles, will definitely help you outpace your competitors. As a bamboo wayfarer sunglasses wholesale factory, our R&D team can help you narrow down to the best wayfarer sunglasses in the market.

Industrially astute sales team

Have you been searching for a bamboo sunglasses China factory with an astute, prompt and keen sales team? With more than 3 years sales experience, Y&T Eyewear sales team is keen on customer satisfaction. You’ll get immediate response to all your sunglasses inquiries. In addition, our sales team pays keen attention to customer feedback. Therefore, you will get relevant solutions to all your queries.

Expert Quality Control Team

As your bamboo sunglasses manufacturer of choice, Y&T Eyewear will your bamboo sunglasses to a rigorous quality control process. Our Q&C team will inspect your custom engraved bamboo sunglasses to ensure your specifications are accurate. Before shipping your products, the team will inspect your bamboo sunglasses for defects, polishing effects, and packaging.

Efficient production team

Have you been searching for a bamboo sunglasses wholesale factory that takes production quality seriously? Are you looking to work with a team that will provide the most value for your bamboo eyewear company? As your bamboo sunglasses manufacturer of choice, Y&T Eyewear production team can deliver high quality sunglasses. Our team will ensure your custom engraved bamboo sunglasses are designed effectively. Also, if you are looking for a bamboo wayfarer sunglasses wholesale factory to produce for you superior quality wayfarer sunglasses, Y&T Eyewear team never disappoints.

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Benefits of Y&T Bamboo Sunglasses

Who are Y&T’s Bamboo Sunglasses Customers

As a bamboo sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear is ready to partner with startups and leading sunglasses brands including:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the mold for custom bamboo sunglasses?

There are not extra mold charges for MOQs of 50 pieces. Most bamboo sunglasses are handmade.

Do you custom make bamboo sunglasses with carving pattern?

Absolutely!  Y&T Eyewear can carve exquisite patterns on your custom bamboo frames.

Does Y&T Eyewear produce custom bamboo sunglasses for low MOQs?

Y&T produces over 500 styles of bamboo sunglasses. You can select your ideal style from our collection, or bulk buy OEM bamboo sunglasses of choice.

What type of wood grain is available at Y&T Eyewear?

What type of wood grain is available at Y&T Eyewear?

What bamboo sunglasses packaging options does Y&T offer?

At Y&T Eyewear, you will get a variety of high quality packaging options including bamboo barrel, wood box, or cardboard case.        

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