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Sunglasses Manufacturers

Here’s why you should get premium sunglasses from Y&T Eyewear:

  • Sampling services available
  • A wide collection of styles, colors, and sizes for kids, women and men
  • Our team can grasp and fulfil all your sunglasses needs.
  • We involve you throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.

Your Best Premium Sunglasses In China

Are you searching for an exceptional and reliable premium sunglasses manufacturer and supplier in China?  If yes, Y&T Eyewear would love to hear from you.

At Y&T Eyewear, we can provide you with custom premium sunglasses. However, you can also select your favorite sunglasses from our wide collection of ready-made sunglasses.

From material sourcing, to design, to manufacturing, upto the final production process, we are commited to ensuring you receive lightweight and high-end sunglasses.

We have a highly vetted sales, design and production team. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can work together.

Premium Sunglasses Series

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Polarized Sunglasses PS-710

custom premium sunglasses manufacturers yt eyewear.jpg

Wayfarer Sunglasses PS-711

custom premium sunglasses manufacturers in china yt eyewear.jpg

night vision Sunglasses PS-712

custom premium sunglasses manufacturers china yt eyewear.jpg

mens Sunglasses PS-713

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer cn yt eyewear.jpg

tortoise Sunglasses PS-714

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer china yt eyewear tr.jpg

Pilot Sunglasses PS-715

Custom Any Desgin you want

200+Premium Sunglasses Styles

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer yt eyewear.jpg

womens Sunglasses PS-716

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer in china.jpg

metal Sunglasses PS-717

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer in china yt eyewear.jpg

sports Sunglasses PS-718

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer in china yt eyewear tr.jpg

Square Sunglasses PS-719

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer in china yt eyewear pc.jpg

pink SunglassesPS-720

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer in china tr.jpg

UV400 Sunglasses PS-721

Benefits of Working With Us

Wide collection of designs

As a leading premium sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear has a huge range of sunglasses frames and lenses. You will have an opportunity to choose from our selection of 500+ fashion-forward and high quality styles, which include a wide range of kids’ sunglasses and designer sunglasses. We always have a sufficient quantity of inventory at all times.

Strict testing and inspection procedures

Our reputation for exceeding the highest quality standards is one of the reasons why our esteemed customers choose us, and stay with us. We are committed to ensuring that you love your sunglasses frames and lenses. Therefore, our quality control team will perform high quality inspections on every piece of your sunglasses.

Flexible minimum order quantities

As a premium sunglasses manufacturer, we are able to provide you with high quality sunglasses with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces. You can rest assured that Y&T Eyewear will treat your order with priority and dedication, no matter how small.

Continuous improvement

As a reliable premium sunglasses manufacturer, Y&T Eyewear is committed to providing new value to our customers. Therefore, we focus on innovative ideas. Our research and development team is always tweaking our sunglasses and manufacturing processes.

Customized service

As custom sunglasses manufacturer in China, we also make available custom-made designs or products to satisfy customer need.

Cutting-edge technology

As a premium sunglasses manufacturer with over 12 years of experience, Y&T Eyewear has the most advanced production technologies and equipment. Therefore, we are able to produce the highest quality sunglasses. Our factory is equipped with 13 injection molding machines and 8 CNC machining centres. We also use the highest standards in the selection of sunglasses materials.

custom premium sunglasses manufacturer in china eyewear.jpg

Know More About Y&T Eyewear

If you want a partner to help you realize your dream for custom premium sunglasses, Y&T Eyewear is the best choice. Y&T Eyewear is a premium sunglasses manufacturer with customers from all over the world. We love to take a customer-focused approach because we value our customers.

Therefore, we will keep you involved in every stage of the manufacturing process. This helps to ensure that all your needs are fulfilled, and that you are satisfied with the quality. In other words, we are not satisfied, until you are satisfied. Rest assured you will get optimum satisfaction.

At Y&T Eyewear, we think outside the box, which has enabled us to design and launch over 500+ styles. We are flexible with our clients and are committed to developing for you high quality, functional and fashion-forward sunglasses within your budget and timeframe.

From premium materials, to cutting-edge technology, to skilled manpower, we have everything you need under one roof. Therefore, you will be able to save time and energy, which you can use to market your business.

If you are looking to accelerate your business growth, do not hesitate to reach out to Y&T Eyewear. Our highly skilled and efficient sales team looks forward to forming a successful collaboration with you.

Our factory

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Benefits of Premium Quality Sunglasses

Our Partners

Over the years, we have been able to form good relationships with a variety of customers. Our current customers include:

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